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Trend: Minimalist Skin

It’s 2021 and with so much that happened last year, without a doubt everyone has become more conscious of their skin and what products they use. People are slowly becoming minimalist because who has time for a 12 step skin care regime right? Clean, minimal and simple skin products are trending because according to dermatologists the less products and mix of ingredients you use the better.

Over complicating your skin regime can cause irritation and over drying. This is why looking into products that utilise fewer ingredients really helps with reducing sensitivity.

Ever wondered if all those ingredients and over cleansing have caused more harm than good? Stripping away the natural skin barrier is very common but what people don’t realise is that our skin barrier protect us from pollutants, temperature and helps keeps moisture in.

The 10 ingredients or less rule:

It is advised to avoid products with alcohol, heavy fragrance and anything that will over exfoliate or cleanse your skin. Try to use products with 10 or less Ingredients because the more natural and minimal a skin care product is the better even in the long run.

Oils are a great way to incorporate a minimal skin care routine as some are natural and organic. It is very friendly to the skin and known to each have amazing benefits. They provide a luminous hydration whilst also being friendly to your skin.

Oil cleansing has been proven to be one of the best ways to cleanse your skin as there are only two ways make up impurities and pollution will dissolve and that is by using water or oil. This mimics the outer layer of the skin providing an experience that doesn’t leave a reaction. A great oil that is recommended by beauty editors is: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil as it contains only eight ingredients and provides amazing benefits from an antioxidant rich olive oil and coconut oil.

Another great cleanser that has only 8 ingredients and amazing for sensitive skin is: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser:This cleanser has been spoken off a lot in the beauty industry. Most dermatologists will recommend this cleanser due to the minimal ingredients you will find. It is known to cleanse dirt and impurities of the skin whilst also protecting your barrier and never removing natural oils.

A great moisturiser that won’t break the bank with less than 10 ingredients is:

Avene Tolerance Extreme Moisturiser

This is the perfect moisturiser with only 7 ingredients. It seeks to mimic the skins natural hydration level and restore an optimum balance for a smooth complexion. It also contains thermal spring water to help gently moisturise the skin and Glycerin to help ensure lasting hydration.

Does this mean that acids are not recommended? On the contrary some acids are great as they boost your skin barrier whilst gentle and hydrating. A few of these are glycerine, niacinamide, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Products with these ingredients can assist in boosting and doubling the effects of your products.

If by any chance you are unsure or want to convert to a skin minimalist just make sure to check or take pictures of products to keep up with all the ingredients and do your own research. It is also very beneficial to keep notes of ingredients in your products as it is easier to rule out any sensitivity to an ingredient or allergy if this is present. Also observe how your skin reacts to certain scrubs and acids so you will learn how to avoid harmful products that might do more harm than good.


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