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Bridal Beauty BFF's

It's time to get married! You have been waiting for this day for so long and it's almost here. Now is the time to relax get a massage and get ready for the big day. Our brides get spoiled by us with bespoke tips, but we thought it would be helpful to list our favourite products to help you feel your best as your wedding approaches. We've tried and tested all these products and they can help you prep a few days prior. Of course, as your Beauty Squad, we've also managed to secure 20% OFF forever for any of your purchases just apply LFTFBEAUTYSQUAD when you checkout.

Hair: Go for a hydrating hair mask, they will make your hair easy to manage and avoid any dry ends prior to your hair do. Avoid oil treatments as those are hard to remove and can leave residue on your scalp.

Face: Avoid any acid treatments, micro needling, razor and exfoliants as those can cause irritation and break outs. Just use your normal gentle cleanser and apply a nice face mask the night before.

Eyes: First of all, please get some sleep! Nobody wants to look like a vampire during their wedding day and your makeup artist will need loads of concealer. To avoid eye bags, use an eye cream during the week, cucumber slices also help and don't forget a nice eye mask in the morning can work miracles.

Body: Finally, to keep a beautiful and glowy skin, to scrub your body in the shower is a must. We like to start with a gentle body scrub followed by a warm shower and moisturiser. Do that twice a week prior to the big day.

Let's be honest is not even that hard to pamper yourself a little bit, it's a well deserved me time. We wish you a wedding filled with beauty and love. Enjoy the Glam!


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