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Power Series: Around the World With Kauhany

My Beauty Squad has a duty to the community of women that want to uplift and empower each other. This Power Series showcases women of different backgrounds, talents and careers and shows how visions begin to come to life when you put your mind to it. This week we meet therapist Kauhany Maeve, we discuss her journey as a remote worker from country to country and how she keeps her mental health in check.

How did you gather the courage to travel the world by yourself?

During and after the pandemic, I had been reflecting a lot on my life and the lifestyle I had been leading. I was tired of living to work and study; this in a loop, it was exhausting. I was surviving, and not living the dream life that I had always wanted since I was a little girl and that I had been preparing for a few years. Until I understood (after much analysis) that nothing was holding me back in Brazil anymore. And it was then, after much elaboration on this topic on the couch, I understood that it was time for me to live the dreams of that girl, since I was a teenager. Fear was present and is still present at times, but I never let it speak louder than my desire to live.

Any advice for women that wish to travel solo? What do you do when you miss home?

Emotional planning is as important as financial planning... Being able to have the analysis/therapy space and work in it on issues that encompass migration such as - the complexities of identity, adaptation and the search for belonging

in a new cultural context, among many other issues that question immigrant women. Preparing emotionally makes each woman prepare for whatever she faces abroad, within her subjectivity. Investing in yourself will always be the most profitable investment. I can say that I have rarely missed home, what I miss are the important people who are spread around the world. And when it hits and squeezes my chest; I call, tell them how much I miss, expose my emotions, feelings — and overflow with love for my loved ones. I know that physical presence is important, but when we live abroad, we need to find other ways to be present.

As a therapist, what are the biggest issues women face nowadays regarding their mental health?

Women in general have an exhausting routine, as many face a double work routine, balancing career and domestic responsibilities, which leads to greater fatigue compared to men. In addition to these responsibilities, contemporary women deal with social pressures and expectations of perfection, which have become more present after social media filters, for example. And all of this ends up generating anxiety for several reasons. This is the reason of paying attention to your mental health, prioritizing self-care, establishing healthy limits and, when necessary, seeking professional help is so necessary these days.

What do you do to keep a balanced lifestyle while travelling?

I can say that I found the balance in my life by traveling, since when I lived in Brazil, I had a very busy and exhausting routine and I confess that I left aside some pillars of self-care. However, when I started traveling the world, I saw

the importance of keeping my health up to date, both physically and mentally. So, some of the healthy habits that I started to implement, in addition to taking care of my mental health, were: eating a nutrient-rich diet (I don't exclude any food, I reduced fast food, stopped drinking soda and started eating real food, homemade. That is, I started peeling more and unpacking less food); physical activity (walking and stretching); sleep 7-8 hours/night. In the beginning, my walks were for the purpose of sightseeing, getting to know the world by walking and admiring it as I went at my own pace. I believe it worked, since I started traveling the world I have already lost 40kg. As I lost weight, I realized how much my body needed movement and by paying attention to my proprioception, I made small adjustments depending on the country I'm in. Today, when I go to a new country, I reserve a few mornings, or some time in the morning, to take care of myself first and then move on to meeting the day's agenda and demands.

What is your power?

My power is having always believed and invested in myself. From a young age I invested in my education and my self-knowledge, this made and still has all the difference in my journey and my development as a human being.

Instagram: @psi.kauhany


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