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Step up your skin's damage control this season...

The temperature has dropped and we are all guilty of desperately craving that toasty indoor heat only to be greeted by quite the opposite when we step outside. This can wreak havoc on our skin, our face becomes tight and itchy, at which point we wave goodbye to flawless makeup application. At the same time, our lips chafe and there are cracks in our hands that we have never seen before. Then winter swoops in and so does dry, dull skin. It really is a great time to be alive! So, this is where we take control.

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is actually worth investing in. There are so many products out there claiming to fight dull and dry skin in their advertising, but do they actually work? Or is their marketing pulling you in at your weakest moment! (We have all been there). Knowing exactly what you need is key to gain control and invest wisely.


During the winter, when our skin is lacking in moisture, the last thing that we want to do is use a harsh cleanser that is likely to strip away our skin’s natural oils. We make the mistake of coming out of the shower with a wonderfully, squeaky clean face, thinking that’s a good sign. But, unfortunately, it’s not! You’re only further drying and damaging your skin.

Using a milky cleanser is a great way to remove grime and dead skin cells without further stripping moisture (foam cleansers, we are staring right at you). We recommend Caudalie gentle cleansing milk, using the best ingredients sourced from nature (98% of natural origin). It is enriched with nourishing and soothing agents, it protects the skin from drying out, whilst leaving the skin clean, soft and comfortable.

TOP TIP: It’s best used in the morning and as the second step in a two-part cleanse in the evening.


"The foundation for good skin."

It’s all very well investing in good skin care, but in order for your skin to fully absorb the ingredients, it is important to use an exfoliator that will remove the dead skin cells that are essentially acting as a block aid. Our skin cells often dehydrate and dry a lot faster during the winter so removing these also allows for new, healthier cells to develop.

We recommend the Liz Earle ‘Gentle Face Exfoliator. This fabulous exfoliator is complete with moisturising cocoa butter, purifying eucalyptus and fine jojoba beads. It is gentle and kind to the skin, yet effectively buffs away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal smoother, more radiant-looking skin.

TOP TIP: Use 2-3 times a week. Perfect for dull, congested or flaky skin.


Due to sensitivity, the skin under our eyes can become very dry, with the winter weather likely to make its mark here before anywhere else. Therefore, it is important to invest in a good eye cream that you can delicately apply to give your eyes the T.L.C they deserve!

We recommend using a gentle eye treatment like the wonderful Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. This is a smooth, creamy, moisturising eye treatment that is formulated with Avocado Oil, designed to help restore the natural moisture of the skin with Amino Acid proteins, Vitamins A, D, E and Potassium.

WE THINK: It smells delightful and feels so velvety, we highly recommend this product during the winter months.


When you apply a good moisturiser, it should feel as though it is cuddling your face with a protective blanket of hydration, shielding your skin from the cold. It is recommended that you use an alternate (richer and thicker) moisturiser during the winter months to stop existing moisture from escaping and to act as a barrier over your complexion to fight off drying effects.

A moisturiser that has been clinically proven to protect from drying effects for up to eight hours is Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour Cream Skin Protectant. Celebrated by make-up artists and beauty influencers around the world, it has been described as 'magic in a bottle'.

WE THINK: It is a fantastic product, it makes your skin feel instantly hydrated and protected. This feeling lasts throughout the day, which is certainly refreshing for a moisturiser.


Put your favourite film on, glass of wine in one hand, chocolate in the other, pop on a soothing moisture mask and let it work wonders for your skin whilst you relax. Everyone’s a winner! You can’t go far in a beauty store without being ‘faced’ with a mask or two claiming to revitalise, make your skin glow, provide moisture, turn you in to a goddess, you know the drill! However, Avène’s soothing moisture mask is a game changer.

It works to restore the skin's natural barrier meaning that the skin absorbs more water and therefore increase the skin's levels of hydration. It leaves your skin with a healthy and radiant appearance. We highly recommend this product and what's more, you can get plenty of masks out of their 50ml tube!

TOP TIP: Apply a thick layer over your face and leave for 10-15 minutes then remove excess with a cotton pad.

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Love, My Beauty Squad x


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