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Beauty Sins!

We know how it is, sleeping with makeup on one day, not applying SPF the other but what happens to your skin, hair and overall wellness when this mistakes become a habit?

We all ended up doing these beauty sins eventually but here are the stuff you should really avoid:

1) Sleeping with your makeup on: Snoozing in full makeup puts you at risk for eye inflammation, infections, redness and corneal abrasions. This can stem from makeup particles rubbing against the surface of your eye. 2) Washing your hair every day: Over-washing can result in extra oil in your hair. When you train your hair to be washed every day, your oil glands adjust to producing more oil to compensate for the loss of oils that the shampoo is stripping. Even if you're more oily, you're also drying out your hair strand.

3) Skip moisturising after shower: Right after you get out of the shower and right before your skin is fully dry is the best time to apply a moisturiser as your skin will be most receptive to the moisturising quantities while slightly damp.

4) Not applying SPF during winter: You should apply SPF daily whatever the weather. UVA rays are still present during winter and they also penetrate cloud cover. If you are a fan of skiing, use factor 30 or higher . As you spend all day outside at high-altitudes, the UV rays are much stronger, the atmosphere is thinner and less protective. On top of this, sunlight bounces off snow so you are more likely to get a sunburn.

5) Wearing heavy makeup during a sweaty exercise: Sweat and increased body temperatures just don't go together no matter what people say. During a heavy gym session your pores will open and can become blocked leading to acne. If makeup is inevitable always apply a good primer before hand and go for waterproof formulas.

Now you know, avoid these five beauty sins and follow our beauty tips to make sure you are always up to date on how you can give yourself that much needed self-love!

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