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Get into the beauty industry!

The beauty industry is growing faster than ever before. Today it's valued at an estimated $532 billion and counting, according to a new report from retail analytics firm Edited. No wonder everyone wants a slice of that pie and why not you? Here are the top tips from our beauty expert Sabrina, giving you all the steps on how to enter the beauty industry as a stylist.

beauty industry

How to start in the beauty industry?

For beginners who have just started doing make up or beauty for that matter it can feel like an eternity because once you can get your foot in the door and actually start making some money it will feel great. Do not feel discouraged I promise you that if you work hard everything you want can be accomplished!

What skills & experience do you need?

I am a big believer of being able to learn with a qualification or not. I do believe that some people are naturally born with a talent. I can not tell you how many times I’ve come across a beautician with let’s say 20 years experience but have not updated their skills. One thing that I tell everyone is that you need to make sure your skills are always updated and keep up with trends. This is a part of developing and changing with time and it is needed in this industry the same way as fashion changes so does your skills.

How customer service & beauty come hand in hand?

In my many years of working I can not express how much this has built my customer service skills. You can sometimes come across really difficult clients who are very demanding. Use your skills to create happiness and when someone sees the (good) end result will build up your confidence little by little.

There will be times when you really do need to read the room and understand clients body language. Below are a few tips I give to beauticians on how to handle this:

Customer is very quiet and relaxed: sometimes people don’t feel like having conversations, this is mostly due to them enjoying this experience as they see it as a form of relaxation and peace.

Handling difficult customers: from time to time you will find yourself with a customer who might not necessarily be nice. Dealing with this clients in a professional manner is key to not escalating the situation. Always remember that although abuse is not tolerated you are providing them with a service and this is what they expect. Maintain professionalism at all times regardless of the situation even if you need to remove yourself due to abuse or bullying, please do so in a polite a manner.

Am I talking to much? I find that sometimes doing what you enjoy you get lost in the fun and conversations can become personal. I always recommend to remember that they are customers, your first impression is always going to stick with them. Professionalism is key to a successful career in beauty.

How did I become a make up artist?

I was always really passionate about beauty from a very young age, my mother is a beautician and seeing her with clients my whole life really inspired me and made me want to do the same. I started my first job at the age of 16 whilst doing my A-Levels. Beauty wasn’t my first career choice as I always wanted to be a psychologist. I’ve always had such a desire and passion to help those around me. I was working at a skin care counter helping those who were dealing with skin problems, I came across different customers all wanting to change their skin by either reversing the signs of ageing or having clear skin. Seeing their reactions after a facial or after just consulting with them on what products to recommend really brightened up my day. I then went on to work for very high end brands providing make up looks for events, halloween and bridal. After realising that this is what I always wanted to do make people happy and content, I decided I will make this my career and I went into studying beauty and make up leading to where I am today.

What’s it like being in the beauty industry?

As any other career there will always be hard times and also competition. Never let that take away from the fact that you are talented and everyone is different. Not one person is the same, there may be skills you have that no one else has and this is something to always keep in mind.

Sadly the beauty industry was once not seen as a “proper” career and most people tend to put other people down for going this route. It is our responsibility to dismantle this and realise that beauty actually makes the world go around. Everyone needs a make up artist, hair stylist, nail technician and anything beauty at least once a month without beauty this world wouldn’t be were it’s at right now. Social media and celeb lifestyles have changed this completely, as beauticians are now seen as such a fundamental role in the community.

What are the next steps for me to take in order to get out there and get exposure?

My advice will always be to just go for it! Build your kit keeping in mind all ethnicities, gender and skin type/hair texture. Being able to hold multiple skills is beneficial to growth in the beauty industry. Practice makes perfect and take every opportunity you have to get yourself out there. If you are a beginner starting off, advertise yourself via social media and offer your services to photographers, videographers or even magazines. It’s all about the way you market yourself and also your confidence. Don’t let anyone dim your light and believing in yourself will always be the most important step of them all!

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