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Korean Beauty Trends of 2020

We'd be lying if we said we weren't obsessed with the ever changing Korean beauty trends. The underlying fact is that they all have gorgeous skin (jealous), and they seem to get away with most whacky and experimental looks. Personally, we're live vicariously through their platinum hair, their sparkly eyeshadow and their love for statement bobs (that we could never pull off in a million years).



Yes, we're calling it that because it's a word that should be recognised by the dictionary. Skincare shouldn't feel like a chore. Once you've mastered or at least have done research on what your skin needs and wants, skin care should be your favourite part of the day. We love feeling refreshed, prepped and hydrated after a long day of being fabulous.

Seeing the benefits of your skin care routine come into full throttle means you'll feel more confident and overall happier. Just think about when you made your first banana bread during quarantine. Was it perfect? Maybe not, but once you got the perfect recipe, there's no going back!


Autumn all year round

No, not literally, but wouldn't that be something?! We mean the colours we're seeing. These beautiful hues of browns, auburns and almonds are just bliss for a person who loves those warm tones.


Fuller Lips

We all know the classic ombre lip that just looks gorgeous, subtle, yet gives so much to a look. But now things may have taken a turn in interest. Etude House recently recognised that full lips may be making a huge comeback and it's all we can think about.


Glitter Eyes

Look at most K-Pop stars music videos and there's bound to at least one of them wearing glitter eyes. It's been such a staple in Korean makeup looks for a few years now and it doesn't seem like its going anywhere.


Glass Skin

Dewy, glass, moisturised, hydrated skin is what really makes Korean skin trends so luscious. We're ready and waiting for more Korean brands to launch in the UK so we can take advantage of all the lovely goodies they have to offer us.

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