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The ULTIMATE Quarantine Beauty Guide!

In need of some TLC? Maybe a wax? Us too!

That's why we've sat down, thought long and hard and came up with the ultimate quarantine beauty guide to get you through. Come out of quarantine looking like the queen you are! And with a possible set of new at-home beauty skills

With high hopes that we'll get to enjoy some sun outside (while social distancing) why not give yourself a head start with these fabulous tools! Tap or click on each heading to take you straight the the page.

1. Aphrodite Ultra Hair Conditioning Cap

You may laugh at this at first glance (we did), but don't knock it 'til you try it! Our CEO Keila lives for this weird looking beauty contraption. It helps stimulate hair growth and conditions the scalp so you end up with healthy, silky hair without the need of a lot heat. A win win situation!

2. Hive Wax Heater

If you want to become a wax-pert (yes, we just made that up), we recommend this highly! A wax heater that allows even the most novice of users learn to wax at home with ease. You'll soon be making wax just for fun.

3. Mylee Professional Hard Wax Beads

New to hard wax? Check out this video for tips on how to get the perfect hard wax technique at home! Hard wax is the least painful of the waxes and is very easy to do as you don't require to muslin strips usually needed to wax. Stripless wax is great in times when you need it done fast.

4. Denman's Boar Bristle Brush

If your hair feels more knotted than usual, try this! The boar bristle brush is the brush of dreams for tangled, unmanageable hair.

5.Brushworks Honey Comb Detangling Brush

The perfect paddle brush to stimulate your scalp and distribute those natural oils thoroughly. Use this before you wash your hair to avoid breakage.

6. Spa Gel Eye Mask

'Ahhh' is what you'll be saying after having this on your eyes. The perfect relaxation gel mask to hydrate your skin. The skin around the eyes is delicate and it's always best to take a little extra care with them.

7. Madame LA LA Tan

Take care of your skin and stay out of the sun. Self-tans are always the way forward if you want to have perfect skin 30 years down the line. With Madame LA LA Tan you get the best of both worlds - stay bronzed and wonderful whilst staying conscious of sun damage!

8.OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil

If you're taking a break from gel or acrylic nails during quarantine, you need this product! The OPI Pro Spa oil will have your nails feeling strong and healthy. If there's ever a time to give your nails a breather, it's now!

9.Dermaworks Hyaluronic Serum

Ready to take your skincare to the next level? This Hyaluronic serum by Dermaworks has so many beneficial ingredients that you'll be so impressed with the results! A British cosmeceutical company that delivers each and every time. A fantastic blend of potent, natural ingredients that include vitamins C & E, and organic plant extracts, including Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera. Get a brighter, healthier glow with this bottle of magic.

10. Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa

A foot spa could never replace the real thing, but it's a close second! This is perfect to use on a Sunday evening with a glass of wine in one hand a huge bowl of Carbonara in the other. A little bonus tip is to add your favourite essential oil (we recommend lavender), and let those aromas fill your room.

11. Beurer Paraffin Wax Bath

To complete your foot experience nothing will soothe your skin more than a paraffin wax bath. This will heal cracked skin, help with arthritis and improve blood circulation.

12. Hollywood Browser

If you've wanted to try dermaplanning, the Hollywood Browser is going

to be your best friend. Soft on the skin and very beginner friendly, it's the perfect tool to get smooth skin and say bye to the peach fuzz! Dermaplanning benefits the skin as it can help your products penetrate better and you also get a lovely flawless canvas before applying your makeup.

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