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10 Beauty Products That Take You Back To The 90's and Early 2000's!

So we all know beauty and fashion trends come and go like the tides, but do we still and are we still in love with those little products that once mad us so happy?

Surprisingly, some of these gems are still available to get in present day!


The Butterfly clips of the 90's were some of the cutest statement pieces around! Wear 2, 4, 10, you just couldn't go wrong with the variety of colours there were! Obviously, if you were a teen in the 90's you might not want to be walking into a business meeting with butterfly clips (although it did look cute on Jenna in 13 going on 30), but you can get these from Anthropologie which are equally as pretty!


If you didn't have a Lip Smacker in the back pocket of your flared jeans were you even a 90's kid? These were the lip combo of the decade. Paired with a cheeky clear lip gloss, it was the ultimate combo!


Hair Crimpers were a thing then, and they're becoming a thing now and we're not quite sure how to feel about them. Remember when the style was to crimp parts of your hair? So you ended up having crimp bits here and there? Wow, a #throwbackthursday indeed. If you're loving this trend and want to bring it back with a modern twist, get your own here.


If you were that girl that kept getting told off in class because 'this isn't a salon' then you definitely had one of these in your Groovy Chick makeup bag. These clear lipglosses were so glossy and thick your hair would constantly get stuck to your lips, am I right? You can find a current, less sticky but very glossy clear lipgloss here.


Looking back, Dream Matte Mousse was probably the thickest most uncomfortable thing to wear on your face on a hot day. But we lived for it.

With only a small colour range (thank you Bad Gal RiRi) Dream Matte Mousse saw it's fair share of makeup disasters. But we all learned for the better. Do your skin good and opt for this foundation by Maybelline instead!


This perfume brings us back to a time when life was simpler and the only thing you carried in your backpack was an unsharpened pencil and a notebook that you hand decorated with way too many stickers. If you didn't wear this, were you living under a rock? Not to worry, it's still available here!


Because we love the Lip Smackers so much, we knew we couldn't keep this one off the list. The infamous Coca Cola lip balm, guaranteed to give you a sweet sensation throughout the day. If you want a little nostalgia next time you have a chapped lip, find the collection here!


The Caboodle raised a generation of insanely great MUA's! With compartments that kept your Claire's Accessories makeup tight and in line, why wouldn't you love them? Maybe you don't want to carry a plastic case around for your freelance clients (for safety purposes), but why not check this professional makeup bag out and see if it was a match made in Heaven?


If you were born around in the 1990's, there was a high chance that you had one of these in your toy handbag, trying to walk around in mum's heels and wearing really badly painted on lipstick. It's a rite of passage, and it happens to the best of us!


Revlon Colourstay Liquid Lip was iconic! If you loved a burgundy-brown lip back then, you'll be glad to hear that other brands caught on and now we have a huge range of browns from all angles of the beauty industry. Check this one out for a match!

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