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(Sponsored) AgeLOC Lumispa Review

Welcome to 2020! At My Beauty Squad this month is wellness month, we're pulling all the stops out to let our readers know that we want to promote health and beauty in the most positive light. We love feeling good on the inside and out and want to help you achieve that.

If you haven't seen our Instagram yet (which you should do now), we've got an amazing review of this beauty gadget that will revolutionise the way you cleanse your face!

The AgeLOC Lumispa is a beauty device that works on your skin gently but gets into all the crevices you might miss with using just your hands.

With the Lumispa, you'll experience 7-in-1 benefits. It's a £200+ product, which may not be the budget that most people expect, but you can expect a tailored skin cleanser that you can decide for yourself when you buy online. The cleansers, all have different functions. Our marketing manager Giselle, chose the Blemish Control cleanser to help with a few acne problems she had.

The ageLOC Lumispa device itself is super simple to use. It has one button, to turn on and off, and the rest works itself out. The cycle is 2 minutes long, and Giselle found that the best way to use the device was to section the face as follows: Left cheek and temple, forehead, right cheek and temple and lastly the t-zone and under the chin. This gives the best results and thoroughly cleanses every part of your face.

The device comes with two heads, a soft and a hard head that you can change according to how your skin reacts to different pressures. Gently massage your dampened skin with the Lumispa in a slow up and down motion, if you start circling the device too fast, the device will vibrate to let you know to slow down. This is an amazing feature because it gives you the right tempo so it's not harsh on your skin! Use it twice a day, morning and evening to get the best results.

Giselle will be doing an updated review in a weeks time to let our readers know how she got on!

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