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Lets talk summer skincare!

The nights are lighter for longer and the weather is getting, well… we will leave that one there! So what does this mean for your skincare? Unbeknown to many, this is the perfect time to slowly prepare your skin for summer, weaning your skin off the heavier, protective care you have given it throughout the winter. Spring is the season to renew!

FIRST STOP | Say goodbye to those dead skin cells!

There’s only one lady for the job and that is the wonderful Liz Earle! Her gentle Face Exfoliator is the perfect product to gently (as it says on the tin) remove those dead skin cells to renew and refresh your delicate skin. We recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week to buff away the impurities!

Note: this is not suitable for sensitive skin.


Swap your heavier winter cream for a light moisturiser that will allow your skin to breathe.

We are huge fans of Kiehl’s ‘ultra-facial cream’. It is so beautifully lightweight and silky smooth to apply, you get that feeling you are putting on a really good product (if you your know, you know!) This product is perfect for ALL skin types, it immediately makes your skin feel amazing. As well, it has been proven to rebalance hydration and fight against moisture loss even in everyday extreme and artificial humidities that can dehydrate your skin.

Can you tell we LOVE this product? Honestly ladies go get yourself some of this!

THIRD STOP | Cover up!

We believe this is the one skincare rule that should be stuck to all year round, but with fairer weather ahead make sure that you are applying that all important SPF. At least SPF 50 for peak protection!

We can’t stress how important this is.

"More than 90 percent of the visible skin changes associated with aging are caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays."

Kiehl’s ultra-facial cream (above) includes a broad spectrum SPF 30, however we recommend transitioning to a SPF 50 as we get closer to summer. Kiehl’s also produce a fantastic ultra light Daily UV Defence Sunscreen that quickly absorbs into the skin with an invisible finish. It’s a non-greasy delight!

FOURTH STOP | Spring Clean

As we get more and more obsessed with Mrs Hinch and her spring cleans, we should also remember that our beauty stash needs a good clean too!

Don’t risk harming your skin using out of date products (believe us, this is NOT good). You could actually do more harm than good, you should throw out anything that’s more than six months old (opened).

Clean those dirty makeup brushes and get rid of any unwanted germs that play havoc with your skin. Try and clean them at least once a week.

FIFTH STOP | To clean hard tools...

We recommend the Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Makeup Spray, it’s a steal at around £4 and works by sanitising makeup and hard beauty tools, killing 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds without affecting makeup performance.

Note: Do not use on brushes!

SIXTH STOP | Clean those brushes...

We recommend using ICONIC London Makeup brush cleanser for a good clean! This product is amazing at keeping your tools in good shape and helping them to last longer. Perfect for on-the-go cleaning with its no-rinse formula.

LAST STOP | Lightweight coverage

For those go-getters who want flawless summer skin without the use of heavy foundation. A tinted moisturiser is a better option for keeping skin looking perfect day to day.

Our fave go-to Tinted Moisturiser is by the dreamy Laura Mercier. This product is a game changer for your skin throughout the spring/summer months. It is so easy to apply and feels like a silky layer of comfort on your skin. You can feel that your skin is still breathing and looking amazing at the same time.

A stunning product! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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