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How to determine the perfect eyeliner for your eyeshape

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Today we will be talking about different eye shapes and how the type of eyeliner you wear can change the way they look. All of us have different eye shapes and what might look nice on someone might not look that great on us. This why I have decided to write this because I feel it's something we all struggle with. As a make up artist, I love to experiment with different eyeliner styles, sometimes I want to go for the cat eye look and other days for a 1950's style but unfortunately not all of them look good on me. Here are some tips on how to rock an amazing eyeliner suited for your eye shape.

Eye shape chart:

Monolid Eyes:

When applying eyeliner on monolids, a thick eyeliner looks amazing but there is one specific trick which is called the floating eyeliner trick. Instead of drawing a cat eye along your lash line, apply the liner in the crease so that it floats above your eye.Waterproof formulas will be your best friend. It helps avoid slipping and moving as you go about your day.

Upturned Eyes:

Upturned eye shapes are very common and you'll be surprised at how much people have this shape. It's beautiful but can sometimes be hard to do eyeliner. When it comes to applying eyeliner, the key is to even out the eye’s upper and lower proportions so they look the same size. A smudged smokey eyeliner looks really good on upturned eye shapes because it lengthens the top of the eye.

Downturned eyes:

Downturned eyes are almost almond but with a downward tilt on the outer corner, when you apply eyeliner it plays an important role because it can lift the eyes and make them appear much bigger. Applying white liner in your waterline is also a great tip and this can open up the eyes and also blend in with your lower lash line making the bottom lid appear as round as the top.

Hooded Eyes:

Hooded eyes are beautiful but it can sometimes be a struggle for those wanting to apply eyeliner. Those with hooded eyes know all too well the struggle of smudged eye makeup.Tight lining will become your new thing this is when you take your eyeliner and apply it right in your waterline where your lashes are, as close to your eyeball as it gets. It seems weird, but it gets easier with practice.

Round Eyes:

Round eyes are lovely, they are big and have more of the white visible. That's why an eyeliner which elongates the eye is recommended.The key is to extend the liner outwards, towards the end of the brow, as opposed to creating a liner look that flicks upwards.Steer clear of dark colors on your bottom lashes and waterline as this will make your eyes look even bigger. A winged liner is the go to for this eyeshape!

Almond Shape:

Almond shape eyes is a great eye shape to have because it’s very versatile. Almond eyes are symmetrical, well-proportioned and big but enlogated so many eyeliner techniques will look great on you. The key to a successful eyeliner application is keeping the eyeliner on the lid thin and then get thicker once you draw it to the outer corner.

We hope you learned and stay tuned for next blog!

That's all ladies

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