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Royal Ascot style ideas

Summer is here Londoners and why not enjoy one of the most glamorous events of the season right? Below you will find some ideas so you don't make any beauty mistakes and enjoy your day without any fashion fails!

Big Hat & Hair:

When it comes to this look I dare to say that Kate never fails. Why not match a big hat with a chic side bun? If this is your look, go for a natural makeup and small accessories so it won't be 'too much information' all over your style.

Classic back bun:

Again, I might sound a bit obsessed but does this woman ever get it wrong? A super elegant back bun paired with small earrings and a natural makeup. Remember, big hats are always a attention calling accessory so less is more with the rest of the look.

Dare to be different (with balance):

When you think about Ascot, you think about dresses but while doing my research I came across this lady and oh my goodness! A suit? Why not? Combined with a bouncy blow dry, the whole white attire, small bag and big but also in neutral colour hat. Chic, with the right balance and I dare to say she will struggle to find anyone else with the same look. Be that girl!

Be yourself kind of look:

You don't need to wear super high heels, be uncomfortable or look so fancy that you don't feel like yourself to go to Ascot. Remember that style is also about being you and who cares if you are not following what everybody else is wearing (although do follow the dress code or you might be denied entry). This lady here looks classy, a quick blow dry, almost no makeup and the dress looks pretty comfortable too. Balance is the key for this kind of event and if you are afraid of making mistakes, keep it simple.

I hope you have fun at races ladies! XoXo

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