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The Ultimate Valentines'Day At Home Guide

For many of us, this year is the first time in a long time that we will be spending Valentines' day at home. This is not only one of the busiest times at My Beauty Squad (pre-pandemic) but one of our favourites dates to celebrate the one we love. With the several challenges the pandemic brings, let's not let it bring us down, here are our most creative ideas to make the most of this romantic date!

1) At Home Cinema Night - Take it to the next Level!

This is definitely NOT your everyday movie and popcorn. If you have a sofa bed take advantage of it and create a little romantic oasis within your home. Nowadays you can grab affordable projectors , cute popcorn buckets and don't forget to have a food basket with your favourite sweet snacks.

If you are feeling super extra this valentines' day (why not?), another great idea is to hire an indoor bath straight to your living room. Bubble of London can make it happen and we think this would be a jaw dropping surprise to anyone you love.

To watch:

- Fifty Shades of Grey

- The Notebook

- Love & Basketball

- Jason Jamon

- Eyes wide shut

- Hustlers

- Basic Instinct

- On the road

2) Indoors Glamping? Yes, Please!

If you normally enjoy the outdoors and is missing a little bit of camping in the wild why not turn your home into a VIP camping site (minus the mud, animals, nature)? Jokes apart, to make the most of this valentines 'day we suggest getting a cheese board, port and some strawberries covered in chocolates. Have a look at the beautiful Cheese and Nibbles for delicious homemade boards delivered to your door.

To do list while "camping":

- Play Uno

- Try the conversation game Our Moments

- Listen to a chill vibes playlist. Try our My Beauty Squad - Dinner Chill

3) Have an Italian themed dinner - That's Amore!

Bring the romance of Venice straight to your living room. A nice bottle of Pinot Grigio, homemade pasta and maybe a vanilla panacotta for dessert? You can choose your own Italian bespoke 3 course dinner, Chefs To Home is doing a delivery service where their talented chefs cook your chosen menu and deliver to your address. All you have to do is to bring the red tablecloth, some candles and let an Italian playlist roll in the background.

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Happy Valentines day!

Love, My Beauty Squad


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