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The Wedding Edit

In light of everything happening around us, our dear clients and people all over the world have had to postpone or cancel events that mean the world. This includes weddings.

For anyone getting married or had plans for a beautiful wedding this season and has had to rearrange plans, our hearts go out to you. We understand the stresses of wedding planning, along with all the emotions that come with getting ready for the big day. However, we're trying to look at the positive side of things...

Postponed weddings may mean that you have more time to relax and prepare for the big day, you may have learned a few tricks when it comes to bridal beauty that you now want to apply to your big day too.

Since we also can't offer our usual bridal services due to COVID-19 we decided that the best way to connect with our beautiful brides-to-be would be to bring you a detailed low-down on how to prepare for your wedding post-COVID-19.


In terms of beauty, irritation can be a big no-no! If you do decide to try out some new products that other brides have sworn by, makeup sure you do this at least 2 weeks or even a month prior so anything that does irritate your skin has a chance to heal.


Again, like we mentioned before, it's best not to risk your skins health or anything that could make you stress on your wedding day. So beauty treatments like facials and waxing, leave a week in between so that your skin is still benefiting from the treatments, but any redness has gone down.


Sleep! Pre-wedding jitters are not uncommon, your head is probably full of 'what-ifs' and 'did I forget to order the cake', but with sufficient sleep (we're talking a good 8 hours), you'll wake up energised and ready to take on anything that comes your way. Your skin will also look glowy, healthier and more radiant. There's a reason it's called beauty sleep!

The best way to go about this, is making sure that you leave at least 10 hours before the time you wake up, so you leave yourself some room for a little tossing and turning, and also wake up naturally and in a calm state.

Meditation is also a great form of morning happiness, and if you're feeling anxious about the big day, it's perfect to help your heart and mind come together.


Your bridesmaids and maid of honour are your biggest assets, after all, they're your main girls and have your best intentions at heart, not forgetting that you also have your close family for support too.

The day of or the day before, make sure to give your maid of honour a little bag with super essentials for the day. Super essentials are like deodorant, a lipstick top-up, blotting sheets or a little pressed powder, a bronzer and super importantly, some eyelash glue!



If you're looking at your wedding mood board and feel like there's something missing, it's probably this! Give your wedding theme a whimsical atmosphere and have your guests with their heads in the clouds with this beautiful trend. Flower cloud sculptures are this year's biggest theme and we're soaking up every moment of it.


It was Mrs Hailey Bieber that began the trend with the gorgeously long veil that spelt out the words 'I Do', since then, it's been a collection of veils with scriptures, writing and odes to one another. We believe this trend will continue on for a good lengthy period, due to its a beautiful way of personalising the main attraction (you) and having a keepsake forever.


Remember that seen in Bridesmaids where Annie opens the wedding invitation to find a real-life butterfly?! We took inspiration from that and we know that having the guests open an invitation to reveal something amazingly creative inside is the way forward. It gets your guests pumped up and trust me, they'll be buying their outfits the very same day.

Check out this invitation that has an egg inside that reads 'Crack Open'. The party begins the moment you receive it through the post. I mean, look at that detail!

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