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Power Series: Merging Two Passions

As a brand, My Beauty Squad's philosophy is to empower women and people throughout their journeys.

In this series, we explore the passions, difficulties and 'powers' that the interviewee's have.

Introducing Sabrina, the GM for My Beauty Squad.

When did you decide to pursue your passion for beauty even though this is such a hard industry?

My passion for beauty started when I was a little girl, my mother is a beauty therapist, so I grew up watching her offer services and have her own salon up until this day. When I was 16 in 2010, I had my first job working for a very popular skin care brand and that’s when I realised that after my A-levels I wanted to study beauty. I completed all my beauty and make up studies and went to work for lots of well-known makeup brands. It is a very tough industry and working in make up made me realise how competitive this industry is. It’s all about who you know, unfortunately I did not know anyone who could help me, so I started promoting my services and working in photoshoots for free to get exposure. I have always loved beauty and the way it makes people feel, it impacts their life in every aspect and for me that’s beautiful.

Merging Passions is something quite difficult to achieve, what is your advice for people that might be indecisive regarding to their career choices?

I was very indecisive myself when it came to my career, I went from doing beauty to graduating with a degree in Career Coaching. I was lucky enough in January 2018 to find a job at My Beauty Squad, when I first met Keila and heard the story on how MBS started, I knew I wanted to be part of this story. I was eager to help grow MBS and have it become my passion. I found the perfect job, working in the beauty industry whilst being able put my coaching and managing skills to use. I love my job and I made it my challenge to build the perfect team of beauticians who are not only talented but also professional and passionate about their working industry.

My advice would be to always follow what you want to do, not what anyone else wants. Often people find themselves studying or working in a job that doesn’t satisfy them at all. Why spend years somewhere that will only pay the bills? You’ve got to search for what your real passion is and what will keep you happy mentally as well. It will be great to attend career workshops or exhibitions; you will be able to meet people from all backgrounds and listen to experiences. I felt like doing this helped me so much and I believe it will assist anyone in making a career choice.

A lot of people think that the Beauty Industry is toxic. How would you advise professionals to keep a good mental health balance within their work?

I believe that the beauty industry is only toxic because people make it this way, everyone is in competition with each other and always wanting to be the one on top. When in reality we should be supporting each other, I am a big believer in helping those get to where they want to be and supporting other stylists. At MBS we share all our beauticians talent and try to support as much as we can. In life you’ve got to always have a balance, if you don’t feel mentally stable always remember ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ accepting your feelings and mentality is the only way to maintain stability and balance. Always remember to take time for yourself, even if that means having a day off from work or going away for a weekend on your own it’s essential to understand that not only your body needs a break but so does your mind. I know it’s hard sometimes to stop what you’re doing but always remember that you can accomplish anything you want.

What is your favourite thing about beauty and your favourite thing about career coaching?

My favourite thing about beauty is the way it can make people feel, I receive messages from clients who are so happy with their services. Sometimes someone can be having a bad day and a nice glam session can really cheer them up and boost their confidence. I really love that in career coaching you can assist someone in making sure they take the correct path. I love helping people and it’s really what I am passionate about.

What is Your Power? (Beauty/Career wise)

Helping people and being understanding. I love giving rather than receiving, I am a big giver and I will never change that about myself even if someone has done me wrong. I am a mirror and always try to relate with people and their feelings.

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