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How to be a golden goddess

golden skin

Hey beautiful people! Welcome back!

Today's blog is all about that golden glow and how to achieve it. I am obsessed with a glowy look, I think it's so beautiful and I am inspired by so many celebrities and how do they achieve that look!

Well ladies & Gents, I think I have found the perfect solution without breaking the bank :-) This week I tested out 4 different face and body glows/tanners. I must say I do have my favourites but let me explain how amazing they all are:

1. Scott Barnes Body Bling:

This Scott Barnes Body Bling Original Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion instantly gives skin a sun-kissed glow and shimmery radiance without the effort, or mistakes and smell of a self-tanner. This is the body lotion that they say J.Lo, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian uses. I tried it out for myself and I loved it! The price is a tiny bit pricey but well worth every penny. it's £29.97!

2. Lancome Star Bronzer:

This is a beautiful Lancome bronzing powder and silky soft brush in one.The brush dispenser is compact and convenient for handbags for quick touch-ups. Produces a remarkable radiance,it immediately delivers a shimmering sun tan for the face and body and it complements all skin tones. I really liked this bronzer/tanner because it can be applied on top of everything and all over the body. The price of this bronzer is: £24.99!

3. St Tropez instant tan body gloss:

This amazing body gloss gives your skin an instant high shine and luminous effect with their NEW no-commitment wash off formula.It's the perfect finishing touch to any look and it's so quick and easy to apply. This gives an instant touch of bronze and shimmer to anywhere on the body. Use this to enhance an instant tan or give and believe me you won't regret it. The price of this product is really good too only £9.60!

4. Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Tan Glow:

Your legs will look beautiful with this wash-off tan. Silky smooth, long-lasting leg make up that stays put and washes off. This is light but also heavy enough to cover any imperfections on your legs. It also enhances skin tone while giving you that coverage. I tried this out and loved it especially for only: £9.99! Kim Kardashian has said this is what she uses for her glowy legs and to cover up her psoriasis. Extra tip: Match that with Body Bling and your legs will be super gold.

SO.... Which one will you go for? Let us know in the comments as they are all so amazing and have some really good reviews. I've never been a shimmer/tan user but this has totally transformed me and made me become loyal to the shimmer/tan world. Thank you so much for reading and keep an eye out for our next blog! :) My Beauty Squad

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