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Women's Safety Guide

It has never been easy to be a woman and at My Beauty Squad we have always known that. We take care of everything and everyone and that's why we've always mentioned how important it is to take time to take care of yourself. More than ever "taking care of yourself" means much more than getting your hair and makeup done.

In London, while walking home Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered. As a woman, it's impossible to not relate with this awful situation and somehow want to do something to help other women as well. That's why we are publishing this guide to help you take care of yourself in a world where at any moment we can become the next victim.

1) Avoiding sitting by the window:

It's much easier for a predator to conceal a knife next to you and stop you from getting off your seat. Instead look for seats near the door and by the corridor especially when taking buses.

2) Jogging at night:

If a friend cannot come with you, make sure to leave your phone's location setting on and share it live with a relative. Also try and wear as many layers as possible. A park serial rapist once informed the police that he would select his victims by how easy would be to take off their "jogging clothing".

3) Parking:

Always try to park as near to the entrance as possible. Avoid parking next to big vans and always be aware of your surroundings before getting back to the car. If someone approaches you, throw your keys on the floor and kick them as far as you can. That will make harder for them to try to abduct you or your vehicle.

4) Being Followed:

Avoid being distracted when walking alone and if you notice your are being followed, stare immediately at the person and make sure they notice you calling/texting someone about it. Report their clothing, height, ethnicity, age and nationality to your contact in case the worst can't be avoided. Scan the area to see if there is a public place like a coffee shop, mall or store you can go inside and ask someone for help.

5) Abduction:

We hope you never need this but your BEST chance of survival is at the initial phase of the abduction. Make as much commotion as possible to draw attention from others, learn self defence weak areas and unless there is a gun, avoid entering someone's vehicle.

6) Near Home:

Don't wait until you are at the front door to seek for your keys inside your bag. Install cameras like the Ring range and scan your surroundings before entering home. Even if you are alone, always try and pretend that there are more people at home with you to discourage criminals.

7) Smartphone shortcuts:

Always set emergency contacts on your phone via the iPhone Health App or the Google Safety app. On an iPhone 8 or above, hold the volume up and side button for 3 seconds and it will show the emergency option. Also on iPhone if you tell Siri to call 14, this will trigger the emergency option.

Samsung's emergency mode is designed to prolong battery life while keeping the phone on standby. It limits features and the home screen is displayed as black but it enables emergency calls, calls to an emergency contact, and location-sharing within a message using minimal power. Another option for all phone types is to use the location sharing feature on WhatsApp when walking alone or travelling to an unknown area.

Stay Safe, love - My Beauty Squad.


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