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Soft Lips For Winter

best lip balms for winter

Is there anything worse than that feeling of cracked lips during winter? The cold temperatures cause the skin on the top of your lips to dehydrate and make them crack, peel or even bleed. We all know that we need to apply more lip balm during this season but are we doing it right? Covid-19 has taught us that unless you wash your hands prior every single time, sticking your finger into a lip balm pot may not be the most hygienic thing anymore. Thankfully we have plenty of options and our Beauty Squad has picked the best lip balms of all:

1) Marc Jacobs Coconut Oil lip balm

This is a lip balm for those who enjoy all the benefits of coconut oil without the strong smell of coconut. This product is extremely hydrating and does not stick at all, what we also like about it it's the fact that there is no tint to it so you can use it every day and anywhere even under your normal lipstick.

2) Nars Afterglow Lip Balm

This is definitely one of our favourite lip balms. There are several colours to choose from and it leaves a lovely natural sheer on your lips. The best part is that is very hydrating, we could feel our lips much smoother without that creamy feeling of lipstick.

3) Huda Beauty Silk Balm

Love or hate Huda beauty products, this lip balm is actually really good. We like the fact that there are no strong smells and the formula is very thick. With that said, it's good to note that this is a little bit sticky so we rather use it before going to bed. It also gives a nice glow, plump and lips feel very luxurious.

4) Lanolips

You've probably seen this brand all over social media, it was created with ultra medical grade lanolin. We love to use this during summer as it has SPF30 but the only downside is that it's super sticky. The lips feel hydrated but it also feels a bit greasy. Due to its thick formula, it's perfect for cracked lips during winter.

5) Burt's Bees

This is our favourite drugstore lip balm. We love the fact that is super hydrating, 100% natural with amazing ingredients like beeswax and sunflower oil. Just opt for the original formula if you don't like fragrance and this is also a great base as a lip primer due to its light consistency.


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