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Power Series: Get Creative with Rosa

My Beauty Squad has a duty to the community of women that want to uplift and empower each other. This Power Series showcases women of different backgrounds, talents and careers and shows how visions begin to come to life when you put your mind to it.

Rosa Crawford and Scarlett London

Congratulations on starting your new marketing consultancy. How did you and Scarlett come up with the idea?

Thank you so very much! My superwoman co-founder Scarlett (known as @scarlettlondononline) and I are SO thrilled to have launched our consultancy Partner & Bloom– we feel very fortunate to have been part of such exciting and positive zoom calls with our clients and prospective clients throughout this troubling time for the world. We’d been planning our Partner & Bloom launch for ages, and decided to go ahead with putting our beautiful new website live for business at the beginning of lockdown and although we couldn’t have the glitzy launch party we were hoping for (yet) we haven’t looked back! Together Scarlett & I bring a number of skills to the table – some of which we share and some of which complement each other’s experience. Scarlett’s background as a journalist, in-house in PR and also as a successful blogger and mine as Head of Sales & Marketing in-house at Lola’s Apothecaryand also as a creative business consultant lends us a rounded set of skills & the main premise (which I suppose is in our name Partner & Bloom!) is that we offer a really valuable set of synergy skills & networks to support our clients and we love having this cross-sectional view into businesses as we get to know our clients’ in-house teams - it’s very rewarding! We know very well there are some incredible PR & Marketing firms out there as well as sales agents but we bring this broader set of skills under one boutique roof with a more hybrid nature. It's in this setting we feel some of our team’s more niche capabilities are well supported too, such as Spa Treatment Protocol Development & skincare formulation consulting.

How do you stay creative?

Although by day I’m usually supporting some wonderful skincare brands with their day to day PR & Marketing activities or maybe something extra special like a brand launch - I actually enjoy making my own skincare lotions and potions from time to time!!! I made a bit more time for this in lockdown and reminded myself just how much I love it! I adore blending essential oils with natural skin treats like shea butter as a creative experiment in my kitchen! I practice creative writing by trying to describe the fragrances I create which if you’ve ever hard to do justice to with the written word!

We know you are a big food lover! What is your advice for anyone wanting to start a food blog?

I started to professionalise my Instagram a few years back given the nature of my work & clients and to offer more support through my professional accounts to my clients, and prospective ones …(I’m also a big advocate for Instagram being a great networking tool). I set out thinking my social media would mainly feature skincare and luxury lifestyle products given my work...but as you’ll see it frequently features food & my furry friends, often in the same posts!! In other words - food is one of my passions & I hope that’s clear to my followers and my main advice would be to not be scared to professionalise and showcase things that are your passions as you never know what it may lead to. Traditionally food critics were pale, male and reviewing stale food (in my opinion) - but nowadays you can review food like works of art, focused on anything from street food fusion fancies to triple Michelin star experiences.

Rosa at the countryside

What is your favourite thing about the countryside and London?

As someone who splits my time between the city and the country I find this the hardest question! I love London but haven’t been there since March and miss so much about it. I was on a whirlwind work trip for 6 weeks in the USA before the pandemic hit and have since been in the peace of Devon countryside at home which has been very therapeutic change of pace given the circumstances but I’m really feeling wanderlust now! I went to university in London and see myself enjoying stints of city life for a while yet! I’m so lucky to split my time between the cosmopolitan madness of London & the noises of nature at Colleton Estate.

What’s your power?

Coffee! Okay aside from being powered by coffee, my power that I’d advocate for is being able to identify & articulate what makes brands (and indeed people) so unique. Occasionally (especially in work) this means challenging what a brand or individual thinks this might be or encompass. However you can't just tell someone this you have to demonstrate it. This is how I strengthen partnership and opportunity.

Instagram: @rosacrawford


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