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Post Lockdown Glam Anyone?

As the whole of the UK wait patiently for things to go back to normal, we can’t help but wonder what are everyone’s thoughts on post lockdown glam? Here at My Beauty Squad we are so happy to be able to see all our lovely customers again and provide them with our popular mobile beauty services from April 12th!

We know everyone is itching to get their nails and hair done and also services from root touch ups to gel manicures - we’ve got you covered for all your beauty needs and concerns. While we are still waiting, here are some our cool and motivating ideas to get you freedom ready!

Need new clothes?

If you find yourself converting your comfortable clothes into lounge wear or never actually leaving your pjs (yes we know everyone has had those days) then we suggest to probably go on a shopping spree. Pick out new seasonal fashion that will get you super motivated for the future as we all know it’s been a rough year. Sadly a lot of stores have closed down due to this pandemic but we do have some great retailers doing amazing sales due to excess of stock.

It’s 2021, check your beauty products!

At MBS we have spoken a few times on products and their expiry dates. It’s very important to keep an eye on this as due to the pandemic some of us have not used all of our beauty products and they might have expired. Go and restock on your favourite products or have a look at some of our recommendations via Instagram. It is also helpful to point out some products can assist if you are suffering with maskne*. (*Maskne is the term used for acne caused by wearing a face mask. This can range from black heads, white heads or even redness! The skin around your mouth area becomes, sensitive, congested and can’t breath hence why some people tend to break out.)

REN skincare have posted this amazing duo to help combat this issue. A clarifying clay mask that is perfect as it dries out any spots and clears the problem area very well.

Revolution skincare has also released a face mask only targeted for the mask area. It is shaped to fit perfectly around the mouth. The reviews for this have been amazing so far with some people claiming that it dried out their blemishes the next day!

Paula’s Choice liquid exfoliant is a great way to keep the skin balanced whilst also trying out an acid exfoliant. They work wonders on the skin and product an effective yet gentle exfoliation that has been proven to keep your skin clear, smooth and even.

In need of some beauty services?

We know how much everyone is looking forward to have their regularly beauty treatments back and we are so excited to provide these to you! If you are a lover of keeping your nails super neat, even and painted then we can only imagine the happiness in knowing you can do this very soon. Here are the latest trends that will take over the beauty world this summer.

Abstract nails:

We are living for pastels and this beautiful abstract design which has been incredibly popular these past couple of months, dare to try?

Nude Gradients:

We have been obsessed lately with different tones of nudes ranging from dark to light. This is stunning and especially with this gradient trend going around! It’s quite refreshing and unique.

What about a hair change?

We know how much everyone has been missing getting their colour touch ups and going for their regular hair cuts! So we’ve collected some inspiration for those who could possibly want a new look.

Pink Hair:

Pink tones are super in trend at the moment and they look great! Such a soft yet different vibe to it. You can either go all pink or add slight pink tones to your hair colour.

Red Hair:

We are obsessed with these cute red/copper tones in the hair. They look so different and creative such a fire effect. . Keke Palmer's hair is more on the copper side but how beautiful does this look?! Amazing red undertones that are suitable to her skin tone.

Now with all these looks, recommendations and inspirations we are sure we have got you in the mood for a post lockdown super glam!

Please remember to stay safe and if you try any of these looks don’t forget to tag us @mybeautysquad we might just share!


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