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No more Frizz

This is the number one issue that we hear over and over again from My Beauty Squad's clients. The good news is getting rid of frizzy hair is actually quite simple and with the help of technology, frizz will be something from the past. To get started let's clarify why frizz happens:

Lack of moisturise: This causes hair to seek moisture from the air around it, which is why humidity often makes matters worse.

Hot water: Washing your hair with very hot water contributes to the lack of moisture. If you wash it more than 2x a week that makes the matter even worse.

Drying it with a towel: It sounds crazy but your towel can really damage your hair and cause more frizz. This is the ideal towel to dry your hair with.

Not cooling the hair down post drying: If you leave your house straight after drying your hair, your chances to get frizz are way higher. Apply a cool jet of air after using a hot tool and wait a few minutes until the hair is fully cooled before going out.

Now that you know a few of the causes here are the tips that can help you improve it...

Can't give up the hot shower? - It's ok but when washing your hair finish it off with a splash of cold water. Cold water helps to seal the elevated cuticle layers in your hair and keeps the protein bonds of your hair intact. This heals the frizziness of your hair shaft and gives it a well-defined, soft, and smooth texture.

Use an anti-frizz - Our favourite anti-frizz has to be the Discipline range from Kerastase. We've been using this product for years and it's also Meghan Markle's secret for her smooth blow dry. If you feel your hair is really frizzy we recommend adding the hair and shampoo to your collection.

Try an IONIC hairbrush - if you have not heard of them, your world is about to shake! It's a great gadget to take in your bag and keep your hair frizz-free even throughout the day. To use them add batteries and brush it when the hair is dry. Avoid applying oils before using it and brush it when the hair is cooled down.

Don't forget to moisturise - If you have curly hair you know that you need to take extra care of it by applying a leave in daily. For fine hair, use a good smoothing conditioner and leave-ins that are not oil based to avoid extra weight.

Now that you know, by following all these tips we promise that your hair will never suffer from frizz again and you will live happily ever after!


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