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Is the Christmas Spirit alive in 2020?

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year is finally here! We love Christmas at My Beauty Squad because we get to spend such beautiful memories with our squad members and our customers. It’s just such a wonderful time for families and for those who travel for the season but we sure know that things are different this year.

Sadly the current situation we are living in right now is going to make this extremely hard and it is inevitable that some holidays plans and celebrations will have to be adjusted or even cancelled due to the pandemic. To keep the Christmas spirit alive, here are some amazing tips that we are sure will keep you feeling positive and motivated:

Accept and thrive

Accepting and realising that things won’t be exactly the same as last year is key to maintaining a healthy and positive mindset. We all know that there will be adjustments but let’s not forget the most important gift you can give to yourself or loved ones and that is being safe! There is no point in dwelling about what could have been.

Not all is lost

The UK government has allowed families to be able to bubble with two other households for 5 days at Christmas. At least you will still be able to have fun and see loved ones this holiday season.

Christmas Cookies is such a fun activity!

Be Creative

We can’t express enough how great it is to be creative and share such precious moments with your household. It can be anything from creating cards, decorating the Christmas tree, baking/cooking all together as a family, prepare online sessions with your loved ones or even have a holiday movie marathon is super important to keep the spirit alive!

Share the love

Reminding those you love that can’t be there with you, how much you care for them by sending beautiful cards and gifts. Especially in these hard times a little Christmas card can really put a smile on anyone’s face.

Make the most of it

Be prepared to create an amazing experience in your home. Just because you can’t see your entire family or travel for Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. The best way to keep the spirit alive is by creating the environment you want. Whether that is planning on going for a walk in your neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights or decorating your entire home to create Christmas vibes.

Lastly, although nothing will be exactly the same we need to concentrate on reminding ourselves that the whole world has been impacted by the pandemic. You are not alone with your feelings and emotions as globally most people are sharing your disappointment. The one thing that we can change is our mind and thought process. This will soon be over and being safe is off upmost importance. We might not be able to celebrate the festivities the same as previous years, but at least we are doing all we can to create a safe environment so that our future can be much brighter.

So smile, embrace and let the festivities begin!


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