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How to make your false lashes last!

There is nothing like a good pair of lashes to take your makeup to the next level and enhance your eye shape. Whether it's your first time or you are a lash pro, what many people don't realise is that with good care you can wear the same pair of lashes again and again. We've create this super easy to follow lash care guide so after buying your My Beauty Squad lashes you can use them to create many glam memories! You will only need: tweezers, micellar water and a cotton bud.


Step 1: Remove any excess glue with tweezers

Before cleaning your lashes, use tweezers to remove any excess dried glue. The more you remove the glue the less product you will need to apply while cleaning the lashes.

Step 2: Use a cotton bud tipped in micellar water to clean any excess mascara.

We do not recommend using oil base products as those can affect your next application if not cleaned off properly. A great product to use is the Garnier Micellar water range, it's very cost effectively and it removes lash glue or mascara. Be careful to not soak the lashes into the product and with the cotton bud, simply dab the lash line to smooth out any glue then clean off any excess mascara using a lash brush.

Step 3: Dry your lashes

We recommend letting your lashes air dry if possible but avoid leaving them at the toilet. This area is more prone to bacteria that could get all over your lashes. Another option is to dry them with a tissue or even with the help of a hair dryer on the lowest setting (hold them up with tweezers!).

Step 4: Use our lash box to store your lashes!

We designed our collection box to be magnetic so you can use it as lash storage. The thin shape also allows you to carry them in your bag without the risk of losing its shape or getting dirty. Taking care of your lashes ensures that you can use them as many times as possible keeping it hygienic as well.

Bonus tip: Our favourite lash glues!

Huda Beauty Dark Tone Lash Glue


We hope you enjoyed this post and have the most fun time with your My Beauty Squad lashes. To shop our styles go to Free UK Shipping on All Orders!

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