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How Stress can ruin your beauty:

Have you ever forgotten to drink water because you were too busy? Did you ever skip removing your makeup before bed because you are too tired? Or even completely ignored your skincare routine because you are always in a rush? Yes, daily life has got you... but don't worry it has got us all. That's why wellness is essential, and we remind you again and again to take some time for yourself. Top signs you should pay attention to:

ACNE: Stress leads to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. Once the microbial flora of your intestines get altered, acne flares up. Stress also leads to thickening of sebum, which makes acne even worse. We often recommend our brides to relax when it's closer to their wedding day to avoid a skincare disaster.

DULL SKIN: Stress restricts blood supply to your skin, which results in less supply of oxygen. Did you ever wonder why we relate ageing with stress? If you are stressed, the excess cortisol will lead to high blood pressure, and damage to collagen. Your skin loses its suppleness, and it leads to formation of wrinkles even at a very young age.

THINNING HAIR: Are you noticing an increased hair fall? Check with your doctor first but it also could be a sign of stress. The hair follicle weakens, leading to hair loss. It also increases dandruff as sebum gets collected in the hair roots. Fortunately, stress-related hair loss is usually temporary, lasting only for three to six months before your normal hair cycle resumes.

The good news is that if you identified any of these signs, it means that you are aware your busy lifestyle may be affecting your wellness. There are simple steps to slow down like meditating, practising yoga, going for a walk or even getting pampered once in a while. Remember:

"Worrying is like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain!"


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