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How Scents Can Help You Function!

Well, it’s very true, scents can transform your life and change your mood & mentality. It is said that they are known to cure illnesses and anxiety.

Did you know that smell is the strongest of the senses and influences your brain activity. That’s why when people get into accidents or develop issues in their memory smells can trigger emotions and take them back to the specific memory in their brain. This is all because of the olfactory bulbs, it is part of the brains limbic system allowing you recognise and feel emotions due to smells. Aside from the nostalgic side of smells it is also very beneficial to your well-being.Scents can help you relax and relieve stress. It can also aid in concentration, sharpen your mind and even help with grief. Below we will be including some scents that can be super beneficial to your physical and mental well-being.


The one and only OG of all scents and full of benefits, Lavender. It is known for its soothing, calming and relaxing effects. It helps to reduce anxiety, sleeping problems and it is even known to help older people with dementia to calm down and bring them to a relaxed state. A great tip is to carry around a mini bag full of dried lavender, this is perfect for on the go when experiencing some anxiety. Physically it also has great properties, it has been proven that aromatherapy with lavender reduces symptoms of pain and for the ladies helps with premenstrual pains.

Citrus (Orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit):

It’s light and beautiful aroma has been proven to energise and uplift the body, mind and soul. Each citrus fruit has a bunch of different benefits.

Grapefruit might taste bitter but it’s smell is actually sweet, the smell of it can lift your mood completely. That’s why it’s best to wake up and have a cup of grapefruit juice, it’s known to give you energy and boost your mood.

Lime is amazing for not only mental but also spiritual purposes. It opens up your mind, emotions and clears away all your negative thoughts. Improves your outlook on life and this is why lime and lime essential oils are used in rituals, candles and therapy.

Orange is a mood tonic, meaning that smelling this will help you relax, bring happy and pleasant thoughts. It also helps to boost cognitive function to people with Alzheimer’s Disease. It is anti microbial, anti viral and anti inflammatory. It is also very effective for those with acne due to its anti microbial effects. Additionally, citrus scents go amazing with candles & body products.


There is a reason mint is used in so many commercial products and it’s not just because of its lovely scent and taste. It’s because people love the tingling and cooling sensation mint provides. It helps with mental fatigue and reduces unnecessary food cravings. Sniffing peppermint essential oil can alleviate migraines, congestion and nausea. It helps with dizziness especially travel sickness.


The smell of jasmine is known to create a sense of alertness and it is known to be an antidepressant. It is in fact one of the most powerful flowers to help with depression naturally. It impacts the central nervous system chemical known as GABA which results in general calming of nerves, anxiety and help facilitate rest.

These scents and oils are just a small percentage of powerful and beneficial wonders for the brain & body. At My Beauty Squad, we strongly believe in the power of essential oils and scents. Try these out for yourselves and let us know if you’ve found any of them beneficial!


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