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How to Choose Your Foundation 30s, 40s, 50s

If you are in your 20s, please excuse us. With so much information regarding skincare and so many beauty influencers focused on a younger age group is no wonder that the older ladies feel left out. That's why at My Beauty Squad we like to make everyone feel welcomed and this post is dedicated to helping YOU, find the best foundation shade accordingly to your skin's age:

In your 30's:

Buying foundation at the beauty counter:

Make sure to try it and go outside the shop under sunlight to see how the foundation matches. After that, also take a picture with flash to make sure the foundation doesn't turn white in pictures (not cute).


If you have blemishes go for high coverage formulas like Huda Beauty's foundation or Anastasia Beverly Hills cover stick. It's really important to use SPF before makeup application and prime your face with a moisturiser to avoid the foundation from drying out your skin.


Choose a summer and winter shade to switch between different seasons. In your 30s you can also try more dewy finish foundations or go for more matte ones. We recommend going for dewy during winter and matte during hotter days to avoid looking oily.

In your 40's:

It's all about preparation:

Using foundation with minimum prep is out of the cards (in any age really!) but especially in your 40s. If you used SPF throughout your 30s your skin is probably doing really good but if not is never too late to start. Go for BB creams that contain sun protection and a rich moisturiser like Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.


If you have small signs of wrinkles and don't want the foundation to sit on your lines, the best tip is again: pre-pa-ra-tion. Cleanse, tone, apply a serum, moisturiser and eye cream before applying a lightweight foundation.


Avoid heavy formulas to cover blemishes and use a concealer instead. Choose foundations that are water based and a colour that matches your face and neck. We suggest using Nars tinted foundation as it also contains SPF.

In Your 50's:

A different approach to makeup:

Now that you are ageing like a fine wine is time to switch up your makeup game accordingly. Heavy makeup is not as suitable as it can sit on the skin and highlight expression lines, so stay away from full coverage concealers or foundations.


If you would like to cover blemishes, use a little bit of a high coverage concealer and a moisturiser over the area. Remember to use a deep moisturiser or oil as a primer and choose a foundation that is easily buildable like Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint.

Collagen is your new best friend:

As you get older, try different oils to boost your moisturiser or an oil primer to prep your skin. You want to make sure the foundation stays nicely and there is a nice barrier between the product and your skin for a flawless finish.

We hope you enjoyed the tips and come back for more! My Beauty Squad has experienced experts to give you the hottest tips about beauty, selfceare and mental wellness.

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