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Does your hand show your age?

Yup, we see hundreds of posts about skincare, botox, creme de la mer and all the procedures that can be done to keep your face looking youthful. But have you ever taken time to observe beautiful mature faces but often forgotten hands? My grandma used to say: "if you want to know someone's age look at their hands and their neck". I never understood her fully until now. Since reaching my 30s, I do feel the skin is more sensitive and I've taken notice of the difference between face and neck on other people much more.

Guess what is the biggest cause of ageing? Sun damage! You already heard this a billion times but let me add that if you apply sunscreen on your face, don't forget your hand and neck as well. Most people wait until is a little bit too late to have a hand regimen but you can notice that as soon as you hit your 30s and 40s the ageing signs appear all at once.

Keep calm and don't panic! Here is what you can do:

Always use SPF before gel manicures*

If you don't want to splurge £1200 on a hand lift, start establishing a hand regimen right now (we mean it). Find a thick-super-moisturising hand cream to apply overnight and apply sunscreen before doing any manicure procedure that requires a UV lamp.

Another tip is to take a self-care day where you do a hand scrub, mask and oil soaking. This will leave your hands very soft and provide deep moisture to the skin. Also remember to apply everything that goes on your face, on your hands as well including serums, hyaluronic acid, face masks and oils. All these products can be added into your hand care routine using only the excess quantity applied to your face.

Lastly, avoid contact with water for a long amount of time and always use gloves when dealing with cleaning products or other chemicals. All these precautions will help you avoid discolouration and keep your hands hiding your age secrets for as long as possible!

Products we love:

  1. Loccitane Shea butter hand scrub: We love all things Loccitane when it comes to hand care. We recommend going for gentle formulas when using a hand scrub and this product does exactly it.

  2. Starskin hand mask: You can also do a DIY treatment but when that lazy day kicks in, why not go for a ready made glove mask?

  3. Haan Hydrating Sanitiser: A moisturising hand sanitiser? Yes, please. We tried and approved this amazing spray that cleans your hand without that drying out feeling.


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