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Babe it's cold...inside!

After reading an interview with 'The Iceman' aka Wim Hof, we went into deep research to find out the benefits of a cold shower (we are not too keen on the whole ice bath thing yet!). We all know that it can feel uncomfortable to immerse our bodies in cold water, but it can also be invigorating.

For your body:

The low temperatures give us endorphins, improve our metabolism, improves circulation and even helps fight off common illnesses. Our bodies are designed to become resistant to the elements we are exposed to. For example, leukocytes help fight infection in the body. The shock of cold water in the bloodstream stimulates leukocytes. This means that taking cold showers can help your resistance to common illnesses, like colds and the flu. Amazing right?

For your skin:

It's also very good for your skin as it temporarily tightens pores, decreases redness and puffiness. Hot water can strip away the natural oils of your skin and dry it out, while cold water helps to constrict blood vessels to temporarily tighten pores and reduce redness.

For your hair:

Cold water controls breakage, frizz and pesky flyaways, which is important for those with curly or thin hair. Cold water improves blood circulation. This enables your roots and scalp to receive valuable nutrients to remain healthy. Consequently, this promotes hair growth and gives you shiny locks.

How to get started:

We don't expect you to be an ice queen straight away. Accordingly to Wim, the best way to get started is to take a few seconds of cold water every day right after your regular temperature shower. Day by the day increase the time until you feel fully comfortable for at least a minute! Would you be willing to try?


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