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Have you always felt like you never buy the correct brush? Have you ever bought a brush just to regret it after? Have you ever blow dried your hair with the wrong brush? Fear no more! My Beauty Squad "brushpedia" is here to sort your hair problems and never, we really mean never use the wrong brush again!

Before we delve into the good stuff, always take into consideration your kind of hair, main concerns like breakage, thickness, hair loss and how you intend to use the brush. Also avoid to brush your hair wet with the wrong kind of brush and if you have curly hair never brush it when it's dry.

Detangling Brushes for wet hair:

Tangle Teezer for wet hair: This brush is really good for when your hair is wet and brushing is inevitable! As we mentioned before you should avoid brushing your hair when its soaking wet but if you are going to the beach or just leaving the gym, this is our favourite wet hair brush. It's more firm than the usual Tangle Teezer as it has a handle and helps you to detangle starting from the length of your hair to the top. However, we do not recommend this for very curly hair.

Denman brush with spaced bristles: If your hair is curly, you probably know that you cannot simply grab any brush to detangle your hair while trying to keep it damage free as possible. Always brush your hair when is wet and moisturised with a leave-in and use a brush with enough space between the bristles. We feel that spaced brushes like the Denman one, don't grab every single hair strand which allows you to detangle it by sections and avoids breakage. Another alternative is to buy a large comb as it will also detangle your hair without grabbing too many curls at once.


Detangling brushes for dry hair:

Bridgeo Boar Bristle Brush: We are huge fans of boar bristle brushes because they avoid breakage, they are easy to clean and they give the hair an extra shine. They are perfect on fine hair and thick hair but we wouldn't recommend this on curly hair unless you are looking to get extra volume. Another important thing to keep aware of is the cleanness of your brush. If left dirty for long, it will deposit all the oils and dirtiness into your hair. Avoid using this brush when your hair is wet and always brush the length of your hair first then go towards the root.

Denman Boar Bristle brush: Differently than the option above, this brush is a great brush to finalise hair dos and frizz. It won't detangle your hair as well as a boar brush with bigger bristles but it will keep your style in place and a smooth appearance. This is great on all hair types but specifically for smoothing and keeping things in place. An extra tip is to spray it with hair spray and brush your updo or ponytail for a sleek finish.


Blow Drying Brushes:

GHD Blow Drying Brush Medium: If you know how to give yourself an at home blow dry you must do so with a professional brush like the GHD one. It's really important to use a heat distributing brush to dry your hair evenly and straight your hair correctly. This is one of our favourite brushes because its good quality, lightweight (very important as you don't want your hand to hurt) and it has a good grip which is good for straightening coarse to thick hair. If you would like to try this brush make sure to dry 80% of your hair first with a hair dryer and only then start your blow dry to avoid breakage. For shorter hairs always buy thinner brushes and for longer hairs buy a big round brush to help with time.

Verb Flat Blow Drying Brush: If you are having a lazy day but still need to do a quick blow dry we highly recommend using a flat brush instead of a round one. The only issue is that brushes like these are better for straight hair as they are not heat activated and you won't have a super smooth blow dry. We do not recommend this for curly or coarse hair as it causes a lot of breakage and it doesn't have a straightening effect. If you are using a flat brush with a hair dryer always ensure that the back of the brush let the air flow through like this Verb one.

Always remember to sanitise your brushes at least once a month by washing them with soap and warm water. Remove any dead hair and if you borrow your brush to someone else, clean it right after to avoid exchanging oils and dirt. Also avoid using harsh brushes on your scalp especially if you suffer from dandruff. The key to a healthy hair is knowledge, vitamins and of course the right tools, so now that you know everything about brushes, we hope you are using the correct ones and living a good hair day - everyday!


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