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Breast Implants: The Research

Happy 2021 ladies! With the New Year, we can't wait to bring you more informative posts and talk all things beauty, selfcare and wellness. To kickstart this post while we sit at home during lockdown, why not learn more about our boobs? Have you ever thought about getting them bigger, smaller, firmer? What are the risks? We took a look at other people experiences and check what we discovered:

What is the difference between Saline x Silicone implants:

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water and often cheaper than silicone. They're inserted empty, and then filled once they're in place. The thought itself makes us a little scared but on the other hand saline implants look very natural and it lasts 10 to 20 years.

The risks you may need to think about is that saline implants are prone to mold, yeast and bacteria growth. Deterioration or damage to the implant’s seal allows bacteria to grow inside the implant. This fluid can slowly leak out of the implant and spread throughout the body. With that said, learning how to identify a problem with your implant and recognise the symptoms when something is wrong may literally safe your life.

Silicone implants have a gummy feel (haribo bear to be exact!) they are made fully of silicone, a synthetic material that feels similar to human fat. The implants last around 15 years and have a silicone case filled with a silicone gel as well.

Saline and Silicone Implants

Some people may say that silicone looks more natural than saline (we think the opposite) but it's definitely up to your personal preference. Both implants require yearly MRI checks to make sure there is no leaking product going into your body. If there are any issues with your implants you will also note a change in size as soon as the rupture occurs.

Ok, so now to the good stuff. If you have always felt that the size of your breasts affected your self esteem, getting them done will definitely boost your appearance and cup size. Take into consideration both methods and also keep in mind the weight your back will carry once the new "residents" are in. It's also important to review the reason why you would like bigger breasts and always remember you do not need them to fit in. Make some research about other people's experiences and ask yourself if you are willing to go through the good and possibly the bad. Check this women's experience for example.

If after all that you are not keen to get the surgery done but your breast appearance still bothers you, why not try some beauty tricks and exercises to get them firmer?

Boob Contour

Boob contour is a technique that can help you enhance your breast's shape and create the illusion of bigger boobs. Combine this technique with a push up bra and you will sure create the "breast implant" illusion without spending too much money.

Another common issue is that we all know that gravity is against us and as we age our breasts tend to lose its firmness. To fight against this natural problem, try exercises to strengthen your chest muscles and an advice given by my grandmother is to never leave your breasts without support, yeah - even in bed. Nowadays there are plenty of comfortable bras to wear at home and that will provide support against gravity.

Oh - and don't forget to moisturise! The skin around your chest area needs to be strong and retain its elasticity. Always apply a deep moisturising cream after shower or try breast firming creams. We are not sure if those really work but at least it's a way to keep the skin strong. We hope you enjoyed our boob 1x1 and whether you want to go for breast implants or not, always remember that self acceptance comes from within.


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