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Body Massage Tips

With lockdown finally being lifted (not 100% there yet) we wanted to share with you all some amazing tips on how to combat bloating, constipation, cellulite, weight loss and more with simple body massaging tips. We know a lot of people have been at home and really missing that relaxation and relief that a massage session offers.

1. Lymphatic Drainage

This type of massage helps to remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissue. Lymphatic massage can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the entire body.The lymphatic system is important for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses. It also known as our bodies "sewerage system" as it provides all the filtering.

You can check to see if your lymphatic is not working as it should be. If you experience constant swelling in your arms. legs, brain fog, digestive issues, cold hands and feet and there are many more symptoms. You may benefit highly from a lymphatic massage. You can learn some amazing routines for this but it's always best to go to a professional as they can perform a lymphatic massage very well and making sure it is beneficial.

2. Constipation Relief

Performing a self-massage on your abdomen could potentially ease constipation in a number of ways, such as by stimulating the muscles involved in producing bowel movements. Chronic stress comes with various side effects and one of them is your gastro intestinal system. This also helps with bloating as it helps release tension in your stomach area.

One popular technique involves placing your palm on your abdomen and then making small, circular, clockwise motions around your belly button. You can also widen these circles as you go along so that the massage covers your entire abdomen.

3. Cellulite

A lot of people have cellulite and it's completely normal for every human being as it is stored fat and our body needs fat for warmth and to look youthful. There are very useful massage tips to combat cellulite, one of the is wood therapy. This technique is super popular in some cultures and has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Wood therapy involves wooden tools to shape and diminish cellulite. There are also many other methods including a 30min self massage where you use the tip of your thumb and fingers to knead your skin (almost as if you were pinching yourself) for 10 minutes. This can be followed by a anti cellulite scrub or cream and you can also incorporate a silicone cup, move the cup in a circular motion from your feet upward. It has been said that if you do these massages everyday in a month you will see a real difference in the area.

4. Aches & Pains

if you are experiencing pains in your neck, shoulders and a headache this may be because of tension. You might be feeling tense and sore. You can alleviate these pains with simple massage techniques and you don't always have to see a professional for this as a self massage can be sufficient. During a self-massage, you use your hands to manipulate your own muscles. This involves kneading the skin and applying pressure in certain spots. You can press firmly with your fingers in the area that is effected and move in circulation motion. There are also some great tools for self massage including a massage gun and even a tennis ball!

That being said below are some amazing benefits of all these massages:

Benefits of massages

  • Stress relief

  • muscle tension release

  • relaxation

  • detoxing

  • weight loss

  • inch loss

We hope you have found this blog useful as you know that at My Beauty Squad we will always provide you with the most up to date and beneficial ways of utilising these tips.


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