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Good Hair Day - FOREVER

What if we told you that you will never have a bad hair day again? We completed via social media a whole hair routine that you can literally follow for the rest of your life in other to keep your hair completing cycles of hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. Here is how to have a healthy hair pretty much all the time and what you need to do:

The Schedule:

Screenshot our hair schedule to know what to do during the month, once you finish following this routine go back to the start or focus on areas that your hair is lacking.

Week 1:

Go for products that provide deep hydration and moisture, this will normally be written on the label and don't forget to use a hair mask in between. Hydration products will deeply moisturise your hair and it should feel soft and shiny.

hydration hair products

Week 2:

Adding nutrients to your hair is a great way to keep it from breaking and avoid hair loss. Adding hair serums into your routine will also apply benefits straight into your scalp and doing an oil day will keep it strong. Don't forget to drink a lot of water and take supplements with your doctor allows you to.

nutrition hair products

Week 3:

If you do any sort of chemical treatment like balayage or relaxers you must use reconstruction products to restore your hair's bond. Reconsctruction hair products will rebuild and regenarate brittle damaged hair and help avoid further damage. If you don't use any chemicals, you can still do a protein mask or use any of the products below once a month and stick with hydration and nutrition cycles.

reconstruction hair products

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