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Summer Must Haves!

This weeks weather forecast - sunny with NO chance of clouds! Yes, we're finally getting some long awaited sun in the UK, and since lockdown has been eased, this might mean that you're taking a little advantage of great weather. If you choose to go out to a public park, or the beach, don't forget to social distance and take care when travelling.

This blog post is important because when we go out in a heatwave we forget this that are super important such as SPF, yes, I know some of you reading this are skipping out on your SPF, and below we'll tell you why you'll never want to make that mistake again!

1. Hydration

Bring a bottle of water or two with you on your day out, water is important in hot climates because it helps regulate body temperature and also serves as a refreshing drink when you've been out in the sun all day. It will also help keep your skin supple throughout the day.

We recommend this one by Chilly's, trust us when we say this will keep your water cool all day long. Add some strawberries, lime & mint to your flask to give your water a natural juice flavour.

2. Mist

This mist will make you go 'ahhh'. Refreshing and beneficial for your skin, the Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin Mist will keep your skin hydrated & plump. What could be better?

3. SPF

What are you even doing out in the sun without SPF?! Did you know that one of the main contributing factors of early ageing, wrinkles and dark marks on your face is due to the suns UV rays. We cannot stress enough how important it is, even if you're working inside and facing a window, these UV rays can still penetrate and do damage to your skin.

Get yourself a strong SPF 50+ to minimise the damage to skin. We recommend this one by La Roche-Posay. What makes this one so perfect for days at the beach is due to its super lightweight texture and it doesn't leave a white cast at all. It's also perfect to wear under makeup so bonus points!

4. Anti-perspirant

30 degree heat isn't fun when you're prone to sweat. However a good anti-perspirant should help you keep the sweat at bay. If you want, you can also wear both a deodorant & antiperspirant together to get both benefits, but make sure you apply the antiperspirant BEFORE.

5. Sunglasses

Get yourself a pair of sunglasses with UV protection to avoid sun damage to your eye. This will also help you from developing headaches throughout the day from squinting.

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