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Skincare DO's and DON'Ts

So you want to improve your skin and wellbeing during quarantine but don't know where to start? We've put together a guide to tell you what products you can and can't mix! Read below to begin putting together a skincare routine that won't leave your skin traumatised!


We don't know if you've heard, but SPF is literally the one major skin product you should never skip out on. Wear it indoors, outdoors, come rain or shine, but WEAR IT.

It's recommended not to mix SPF with things such a moisturiser, and by that we mean before putting it on your face, don't take your favourite moisturiser and SPF and mix the two together then put it on your face to save yourself a bit of product. Use them both separately and watch the magic happen.


This is also one of those ingredients that you can mix with pretty much all skincare ingredients, due to it's anti-inflammatory properties the skin doesn't react to it much.

However, we don't recommend wearing this product while you have Vitamin C on your face. Their potency is diminished if worn together so the best thing to do would to wait roughly 10 minutes before applying one after the other.


If you're into your skincare, or even into the beauty community, you're probably familiar with these 6 letters. AHA & BHA's are basically chemical exfoliant ingredients. They help with various issues such as acne scarring, skin texture and tone. They can also be irritating if not used appropriately or worse, overused. When buying beauty products, especially acids, always check the labels and descriptions to see what the recommendations are if you plan to use them.

Mixing AHA/BHA's with SPF is a definite yes! As we said before, these are chemical exfoliants, so they can actually increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. Use of moisturising ingredients can also benefit your skin as the acids can cause dryness.

We do not recommend mixing AHA/BHA's with Retinol. Retinol should be used carefully as in some cases can cause heavy irritation on the skin. In fact, avoid using retinol and AHA/BHA's on the same day. Try alternating to keep your skincare routine up to standards!


Ah, the miracle ingredient to help prevent wrinkles is also one that must be used properly and carefully. Retinol has many very beneficial uses because it helps in the body's natural skin cell turnover, gives it a little push, if you will. This is why retinol is used for anti-ageing, scars, skin tone and uneven texture (whew!).

The catch? Retinol is always extremely drying. There has also been linked to hair loss in the overuse of Vitamin A(retinoids).

It's recommended to not mix retinol with Vitamin C, Benzoyl Peroxide or AHA/BHA's.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C works best in the morning, because it protects your face from free radical damage which you are prone to during the day and not while you're asleep. Its main uses are to brighten and make the skin look radiant, and also help with dark spots. If Vitamin C is used with Vitamin E, this can boost the results as they work well together and are both antioxidants.

Vitamin C should not be combined with retinol due to the optimum levels of performance being at different ph levels.

So there you have it squad members, rule of thumb is SPF = Great for anything, anywhere & anytime. Other skin ingredients = Do your research before you buy!

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