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POWER SERIES: Enhance Your Beauty with Suzie.

Our philosophy is to uplift, empower and help women feel comfortable in their skin no matter what. That's why My Beauty Squad created the Power Series - encouraging women from all walks of life to shine at what they do.

Introducing Suzie O'Neill, Irish entrepreneur and makeup artist.

In Ireland, women are really glam! How did that inspire you to create your brand?

I think every woman is glam with or without make up so I wanted a line that would bring out their best self rather than transforming them into someone else I create all of our products through feedback from our followers and what they want.

Is balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship difficult?

Yes, at times very! For the first 4 years in business I had no help with the kids and my husband was working 6/7 days a week so I was balancing building a business with two small babies, it was no easy task!! Luckily now my husband has changed his work hours so that he can be at home more and allow me to do more. You need to work as a team otherwise it could be too difficult.

What's your go-to makeup look?

Always natural, I love to just enhance what I have and make the most of myself. That is when I feel most confident and I think most women would agree. I do love to get glam too but on a daily basis I want to look fresh!

Your brand Ayu is an award-winning cruelty-free brand. When creating your

collection what were the challenges?

Lots! There is with every business. We had orders of thousands of units come in wrongly labelled, and had to redo them all ourselves. Up until last year I was involved with every aspect too from order picking, packing and dispatch to all areas of admin and new product development which meant I was always run very thin. Now I am lucky enough to have a team who each look after their own departments freeing me up to create and develop which is my favourite part!

What is your power?

Teaching. I think there is such a great power in teaching women how to bring out their best selves and empowering them. It is what I am more passionate about and it is what the foundation of AYU was built on. I want every woman to know her worth and think that if she feels good about how she looks on the outside it translates to how she feels on the inside.

The name Ayu is derived from an Indonesian word meaning “very feminine, beautiful”.

A cruelty-free and Vegan friendly cosmetics and makeup brush brand with the vision to enhance rather than mask true beauty.

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