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Nail art to get their heart pumping!

No matter what your opinion is on the day, or if you're celebrating with your bae or friends, we want you to feel good about how you look, starting with nails!

Nails are a simple yet statement part of your body. With nails, there's so much option to explore, so many techniques to try! So next time you book with us and your nail tech asks you what you want, here's some inspiration for a romantic night out!


Stained Glass Nails

These babies are sure to catch your Valentine's date's attention. Such fragile and precise work has been put into this, so it's a good thing they do notice!


Gold Foil

This has been one of our favourite nail trends since 2019, the ease of being able to add so much character to nails with just a hint of gold. Luxury at it's finest!


Picasso Art Nails

The line work, the detail, the precision. It's almost as if he painted these himself! If you're a simple sally, this is the art that will satisfy your needs!


Cloud Nails

Ariana Grande did it first, then we followed. But we have to admit, it's the cutest trend to hit if you want something soft and girly, yet bold and eye-catching. Pair this with an ombre background and some gem stones and you'll have the world at your fingertips.


Marble Nails

These have been a recurring trend for some time now, and with good reason! We love the delicateness of the design yet when you pair up with bold and bright colours, you'll have an amazing set of nails with a unique pattern on each.


Pearl Nails

Ariel called, and she told us you look fabulous! These are a set of nails that King Triton himself would be proud of. Wear these to a beach getaway for added effect.


Watercolour Nails

Even though these look easy, the technique of watercolour is one that must be mastered to avoid looking like your little sister painted them. Choose a white base with vibrant colours to really get the effect to pop!


Encapsulated Nails

These hit the scene somewhere around 2018, where nail art was, let's say... experimental. Now that that's over, the beautiful and intricate designs covered with a layer of gel polish to encapsulate them really allows the designs to sparkle!

At My Beauty Squad we have an amazing set of super talented nail technicians that are ready to get creative and give you a custom set of nails that you'll love! Book with us now or download our app to see our extensive range of services!

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