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How to contour like a pro!

We know how hard and intimidating contouring can be especially if you are a beginner. We have put together a few steps on how to contour to flatter your face shape.

Contouring is all about using a dark shade in different areas to sculpt your face and depending on your face shape, you can use contouring to change the shape of your face (there's no such a thing as a perfect shape face).


Prep your skin as you normally would. We believe cleansing and priming your face before any makeup application will give you a flawless finish. Choose a moisturizer and primer that suits your skin type.


We would recommend you apply a thin layer of foundation to even out your skin colour, it will give you a nice even canva to apply your contouring shade. Depending on what look you are going for, you can apply a light or full coverage foundation


Sometimes foundation can’t cover every imperfection, but concealing will! Conceal any dark spots, scars and undereye bags with a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation and make sure the concealer is full coverage so it can cover them well! With a lighter shade of concealer preferably 2 shades lighter than your foundation, go over your under eyes, bridge of your nose and if you have a small forehead then apply a little bit, this will give an illusion of enlogated forehead.


It's so important to choose the right shade of dark contouring, you don’t want to look too ashy or too orange, make sure it’s a neutral shade and go two shades darker than your foundation shade.

I would personally recommend a cream contour product as its easier to blend than a concealer, concealer tends to dry a lot quicker and you want to take your time when contouring. The places to contour your face is along your hairline, temples, under your cheekbones and the sides of your nose.

For best results check out the guides below to contour according to your face shape:


Oval faces suit the basic 3 contouring outline: applying your contour shade in the shape of 3 from your temples to below your cheekbones to the outside of the upper jaw.


We want to achieve more of an oval shape, so apply more contour to the corners of your face; outer edge your forehead, cheekbones, and side of your jaws.


Again, you want to stick to the 3-contour framework. Apply contour along the outer edges of your forehead, your temples, under your cheekbones and your jawline. Avoid contouring your chin, this will give you a longer or more of oval shape.


Instead of adding contour to the sides of your side, you should contour along the top of your forehead and below your chin and jawline, this will give you a shorter face look Add a little bit of contour under your cheekbones to balance everything out.

Remember if you don't have to change the shape of your face, you don't have to contour!

I hope this step by step guide has helped some of you struggling to contour.


My Beauty Squad x

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