Identifying "Instaliars"

February 25, 2018

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Your favourite blogger "Jane", 100k followers, hundreds of photo likes and products ads that you see and go straight to the shop but is "Jane" reliable? How did she get her fans? How does she gets so many likes? Find out below:



The trap


Beautiful feed, model pictures and a lifestyle some can only dream of - nothing wrong with that - but are you really sure this photos actually belong to the person that is posting them?


Very often we see bloggers posting photos of cars that they don't own and outfits they buy it for pictures and then simply return it. Do your research, get to know their background and follow their family members in order to figure out that the market of expertise they are showing is something genuine. Don't follow into the "instalife" trap that easily.







As a business, we very often get requests for freebies or beauty services in exchange for a social media post. What most bloggers don't know, is that our team is ready to investigate their following and you too should know how to identify an insta fraudster. 


Social Blade is a great website that helps you to analyse if someone has a fake following. It shows you a growth graphic and ranks their following from a scale from A to D, the closer to A they are, the most genuine following the blogger has:


Do the maths: Don't believe in everything that you see. Numbers might be nice and shiny but unless you verify their accounts with our simple tip below, you won't know for certain if what their profile shows is actually the truth.  Check the example below: #truestory







We were approached by an Instagram account offering advertising services to their "huge" following for prices starting from 75USD. However once I checked the percentage of likes they get, I have noticed that only 1.5% of their 91K followers actually like their photos which is extremely low for someone with a high amount of engagement. Consider that for any amount of real followers you expect at least 10% engagement so: 91K - 10% = 9.000 likes. Unfortunately companies buy followers to impress their audience and we very often see beauty companies with 7k followers but only 23-40 likes per photo. #somethingdoesnotaddup 🤔 


Likes for likes


So, now you know how to analyse their following and their feed but if everything is in check and their photos are getting the correct amount of likes, is there something else to keep in mind? - Hell yeah!


Scroll through a couple of their instagram pictures and actually click on a couple of photos to check who is liking them: 




As you can see, loads of accounts with no pictures or accounts from people who come from the same country almost in every photo (like Nigeria, Brazil, India or any other country different from where the blogger is from).


We do understand that a blogger can be international but if she is not focused in that certain area, its at least strange that most of their photo likes come from only a certain place. People hire agencies to manage their instagram accounts and they not only post their photos but also ensure that offices set up in other countries have bots and people liking each photo to give the impression they are popular. 


We love Instagram and all the great tips that we are able to share with our squad and much more than beauty, we appreciate honesty and making social media a healthy environment. Don't be fooled easily and if you follow our tips you can live life way more #instasavy. 


One of our favourite bloggers Chloe Morello also did a great video you should watch below:





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