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Wedding Beauty tips

How to look flawless on your wedding day

We can all agree that the number one thing we worry about on our wedding day is: hair, skin and makeup. Yes, brides will worry and stress over much more things but every bride wants to look her best on her special day. Whether it’s trying to avoid a pimple, waking up with bright and glowy skin or just feeling refreshed. A wedding can bring a whole mixture of emotions from happiness and excitement to anxiety and stress, but not to worry; we’ve got you covered! If your wedding is coming up or you’re attending a wedding and want to look completely flawless follow these 10 steps. We can guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

1) Skin: I can not express how important it is to take care of your skin especially when you have that special day coming up. Having a regular skin care routine based on the products that go with your skin type will really contribute to having that amazing glowy skin. Don't forget to CTM- Cleanse, tone & moisturise! This means making sure your skin is free from bacteria and protected from the environment ( even the air can clog up our pores).

We recommend: Get a deep cleansing facial a week prior to your wedding day.

2) NO SPF : Avoid at all costs wearing any foundation that contains SPF as it has a white colour even if you can’t see it. It also flashback which means when people start taking pictures you will be as white as a ghost and a completely different colour to your body. Thank me later!

3) Exfoliation: Believe it or not most people forget to exfoliate, exfoliating is crucial to a body and skincare routine because it gets rid of any dead cells and rejuvenates the skin. With so many great products on the market with all different type of ingredients you’re bound to find the perfect one. We recommend: Ameliorate Body Exfoliant

4) Sleep: I know it might be impossible to get amazing sleep with everything going on but sleeping can do wonders to your body. Not getting enough sleep can really fog up your mind and also cause you to be super moody. This is also how your body recovers, rests and recharge so make sure to get at least 8 hours sleep prior to your wedding day.

5) Hair: We’ve spoken about makeup skincare but now let’s talk about hair. Make sure to wash your hair the day before your wedding because it has to be washed 24 hrs prior to be able to hold a hairstyle. Get treatments and also do loads of hair masks so your hair can look shiny and beautiful on your wedding day.


The only last tip that I can give you will be to enjoy yourself and laugh a lot! Laughter and smiles on a bride are definitely the most beautiful feature and when you look back at your photo album you want to remember that precise moment of when that picture was taken.

Don’t stress, it’s your day and no one can take that away from you.

My Beauty Squad

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