Perfect Party Hairstyles

December 28, 2017

Christmas is all very exciting, but I think we can all agree that NYE is where the party really happens.


With trends coming and going it can be hard to keep up with all the most fashionable looks for the (dare I say) biggest party night of the year. 

Whether you're cuddling up with your significant other, chilling with some friends, watching the fireworks, going for dinner and a show or partying into the early hours of 2018... ringing in the new year deserves a gorgeous selfie. 


Below are some ideas on hairstyles to suit any mood or venue. 


1: Side Swept Curls

One of the hairstyles that seems to last the test of time and still feel brand new is Side Swept Curls. This hairstyle can be done with any length hair; worn sleek like Alba for a polished Gala to Cocktail look, or loose like Cara for a fun and casual vibe with a hint of flirty. Either slick down one side behind the ear or add a dutch/french braid to keep the hair back. No matter how formal or informal your plans, this easy and beautiful style is the perfect classic crown.










2: Slicked Parting


The  Hadid  sisters  demonstrate  one  of  my  favourite  go to  polished  looks  with  a  slicked  down  centre  parting. Centre  parts  may  not  be  for  everyone  (feel free to get creative with partings until you find one that makes you feel heavenly), but  this  slicked  down  style  is  so  versatile  that  it  is  a  must  for  any  party season.


It's  a  style  suitable  to  any  hair  type  and  length,  providing  a   polished  but  almost effortless  look.  Wear  it  with  low  ponytails,  buns, bone  straight  hair  or  big  curls;  whatever  makes  you  feel  most  fabulous.  Be  sure  to  pin  down  or  tie  a  scarf  over  the  slick  area  when  setting  to ensure  it  lays  flat  and  flyaway  free  for  as  long  as possible.  Another  tip  is  to  use  some  concealer  to accentuate  the  parting  and  allow  it  to  match  your skin tone. 





3: Messy Bun


When  you  hear  the  words  "messy bun"  you  may  think  of  an  easy  way  to  get  the  hair  out  of  your  face  in  the gym,  walking  the  dog  or  any  other  manner  of  casual  activities.  But  do  not  dismiss  so  quickly!  The  messy  bun can  be  one  of  the  most  seductive  hairstyles  for  anything  from  dinner  to  club night.


There  are  so  many  variations  to  the  messy  bun  and  copious  tutorials  but  my favourites  have  to  be  the  high (but not on top of your head like a who from whoville) bun  like  my  girl  Ri-Ri,  and  the  ever  so elegant  and  customisable  side  bun  like  the  darling Emma Stone.


Ball  gown  or  jeans,  this  style  works  for  everything. Have  a  little  search  online  to  find  the technique  that  suits  your  particular  desired  look. Couple  of  days  old  hair  as  some  texturising spray/powder  can  elevate  this  look  from  falling strands  to  voluminous  beauty.  Gently  tug  at  the bun  to  give  it  more  volume  and  pull  out  a  subtle stray  hair  or  two  to  give  that  "i just threw this together but I look fabulous"  look.







Ultimately, no matter what you do, ensure to coat that baby in enough setting products to allow your perfect hair-do to last all the way into next year. Practice makes perfect and googling makes it faster. 


Keep posted for some of the beast makeup looks for NYE; until then, sty fabulous beauties.



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