Staying Fit!

December 10, 2017

Parties, events, friend’s get-togethers, family reunions... Is anyone else freaking out and getting overwhelmed by upcoming festive season possibly ruining your fitness gains you were working so hard for the whole year? 😱


This is the most common complaint I get from clients each year approaching December but don’t panic and feel helpless... there are few ways you can balance out increased calorie intake and here are my top tips to help if you are committed to maintaining your physique over the Festive period:


Home and travel workouts:


Get a workout DVD or use YouTube search to watch online videos that will help you get moving. Some of these may be especially helpful when you are travelling and staying in a hotel or with friends or have limited space.  Also try active TV viewing. You can do push ups, dips, crunches, squats, lunges or burpees while watching your favourite TV shows. Do not forget to incorporate some easy to carry equipments, such as resistance bands, sliders or skipping rope as they can intensify workouts and make it more fun. Experiment mixing and matching workouts. For the best fat-burning workouts, mix some resistance training with some high intensity cardio. In 20 or 30 minutes you could easily burn more calories than you would on a treadmill at the gym.


Take the stairs whenever possible:


Walking up and down the stairs in your house or apartment building can be a great high intensity cardio and leg workout. Average person burns approximately 10 calories per minute walking upstairs while only 1.5 calories riding an elevator.


Get Active during family visits:


Encourage house guests to bring workout clothes suitable for walking, hiking or even activities at a local health club. Every little counts and added benefit; this can be lot of fun too.


Clean your house:


Set aside several hours one day to precisely clean your house. Bending, polishing, squatting, running up and down stairs, standing while folding and putting away laundry, etc. all burn calories. Get your workout done practical and the old-fashioned way !!


Mall Walking: 


Christmas shopping or Boxing Day sales anyone ? Don’t forget that you can also get workout done inside your local shopping mall. For the average person, a brisk one-hour walk can burn approximately 300 calories. #welovethisone



Enjoy winter sports:


Have you tried ice skating with your mates this winter yet? It’s a must! In London there are more than plenty of hip venues to chose from. Not only it is the best leg and aerobic social workout it’s also soooo much fun! In addition more and more of us opt for activity holidays. Skiing and snowboarding is a must every winter for many. Those who are yet to try it; you will not regret. You will not only get best workouts but also memories for a lifetime.


Try to watch your food and drink intake:


 Even though this may be quite difficult as you were probably looking forward to that Christmas party at work or family reunion whole year but still try to watch what you put in. Namely try to avoid too much alcohol, junk food and sugar intake. Excessive alcohol consumption as you already know, will not do you any favours and can get you completely off tract for few days. If you are going to an event or party when you plan to indulge yourself in the evening, then try to fast in the morning or at least restrict calorie intake during the day to “make space” for big dinner. This brings me to final peace of advice...


Try Intermittent Fasting:


 16/8 intermittent fasting It is a dieting pattern where your food intake consist of 2 meals a day. During intermittent fasting, you skip your breakfast and the firt meal is at approximately 1 pm. The second meal is taken at 8 pm, which is 8 hour window during which all daily food is taken in. Fast period with no food intake is kept between 8pm till 12 noon; 16 hour period of fasting. This method has been a great success for many fitness enthusiasts and Hollywood celebrities. Many who tried it claim it not only keeps unwanted pounds off but swear by it as a fat loss strategy as well.


Good Luck & Merry Christmas 



Daniela is a PT and weight loss advisor:

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That's all ladies

My Beauty Squad team. 








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