3 Tips to Hydrated Skin

November 19, 2017

Stress, cold weather, pollution...Just three everyday aspects of life that dry out the skin. Though it may be tempting to pile on the makeup in attempt to cover up any dry patches, the best thing possible is to begin simple...






The daily recommended amount is 8 glasses (roughly 2 litres) per day. This may sound daunting but it really is the ultimate key to youthful skin. Try adding fruit, veg or even a few herbs such as mint or basil to give your water pitcher a bit of extra flavour. Another alternative is to download an app to track your water intake and/or buy a time marked water bottle. For regularity, drink a glass before every meal and after every bathroom break. 


Not only is water necessary for our survival, but it is also good for speeding up metabolisms, hydrating skin cells and even for water displacement which can often leads to weight loss; it's simply a Win:Win:Win. 


A water related tip you may not be aware of is to have cooler baths and showers. Although hot/warm water may feel relaxing, the heat actually removes the natural oils on the skin that keep it youthful and hydrated. Shorter showers or a cold flannel over the face in the bath can help combat this, but the ultimate help would be to turn down the temperature of the water.





There are plenty of creams on the market making all sorts of claims to work magic on your skin, however the best thing to do is to find a product that's easy do use, suits your skin type and hydrates appropriately dependant on your needs. The right product will feel silky and absorb into the skin with little residue, providing protection from impurities whilst allowing skin to breath. 


I've taken the liberty to recommend some of my favourites for a myriad of skin types.













Each of these products provide lasting hydration and are useful under or without makeup. Hydrating but lightweight for varying skin types, between them there is a perfect cream that will keep skin soft, supple and smooth all day. If nothing else, ensure to include a hydrating day cream/oil into your routine; no matter the rush, you will feel the results.


Click on the images for links to the products.






Looking after your body from the inside can have untold amount of benefits for your skin. Relating particularly to hydration, omega 3 and good fats go a long way in assisting your skin to balance its pH and create the right level of natural oils to enhance hydration. 



Some foods to include are Avocados, Fish, Nuts, Root vegetables, Cucumbers etc. Any foods with a high water content, omega 3, antioxidants and vitamin E. These foods will clean out toxins, promote cell growth, hydrate cells and keep you feeling fuller for longer. 


Most of the foods can be ground down and mixed with organic honey for an all natural skin treatment that will work wonders to restore skin and hair. There are plenty of recipes all over the web to create the perfect concoctions that will work perfect for your specific needs (not to mention they smell delicious).



When it comes to beauty, good skin is the ultimate accessory, for without it, no built upon layers will appear quite as flawless as they can. We all deserve to look flawless and feel fabulous.



Until next time ladies, remain radiant.


My Beauty Squad 




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