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Surviving Social Media

Image is (not) everything!

Ever found yourself wondering how people can have the most amazing bodies, clothes, trips and lifestyle when looking on Instagram? If your answer is 'yes', read our blog below and absorb these good vibes into your life. It's no surprise that depression among adults has been increasing and part of the blame is due to these 'perfect lives' we see everyday as we scroll down our phones.

The Beauty blogger

Beauty bloggers are great, they really are! Most of them have such amazing tips about products, they are honest and they don't just recommend what they are being paid for. We give our thumbs up to those but be aware of some; not everything they say is completely true.

Survivor technique:

Not everything that fits them fits you. Before buying any recommended product investigate if the post is an ad, ask for a sample at the brand's store and check the opinion of other bloggers. Rely on the opinion of those you find most sincere and reliable. Pay attention to those that don't only care about the 'business' side of the account and if you see too many ads it's probably because that the blogger is more interested in making money than sincere reviews.

The Fitness fanatic:

It's incredible how many different protein shakes, teas and beauty pills are 'changing' people's lives since social media started booming. What those girls forget to tell you is that behind that tea detox post are hours of gym, personal trainers and a balanced diet. There is no miracle transformations and you can achieve your dream body by following your own rhythm instead of focusing on someone that works out '10 hours a day' as their day job.

Survivor technique:

Follow fitness instagrammers that share how to achieve a healthy body by sharing recipes, exercises and being real about weight loss. Their tips can be really helpful to find new workout ideas and help you to feel inspired with your fitness goals. Avoid the 'bikini-photo-everyday' type of blogger as this might make you feel bad about your own body.

The Super Rich:

Private jets, super cars, yachts and rolex pictures left, right and centre. Flaunting is a new way to grab attention on Instagram especially if the person doesn't have anything else to offer. If you like the expensive 'stuff,' then there is nothing wrong with that, but don't get caught feeling jealous of what someone else has. Check what the person has done to get there. Get inspired if they have an interesting life story and remember that you too can get the same if you work really hard.

Survivor technique:

Avoid the 'flaunting only' accounts. Most of the photos could be someone else's and there are many fakes out there. A rapper recently got caught posting a photo saying he was in a private jet while he was actually seen flying at that time on a commercial flight.

The Selfie-absorbed:

This is one is easy to spot; if any person has more than 5 consecutive posts with photos of themselves give them an unfollow. Those are the type people that have nothing to add, are completely self obsessed and their accounts are nothing more than narcissism. There is nothing wrong with looking at it whatsoever, but focus and think about what the person you are following could really add to your day, to look at the perfect looking woman/man every single day won't help you to feel better about yourself, will it?

Survivor technique:

Create rules about who deserves your follow. Do they write interesting blogs? Are they inspirational somehow? Do they post interesting ideas that can help you with your life? Add rules before you go following someone and apply social media into real life.

I hope these great tools will give you inspiration everyday and not daily reasons on why you shouldn't feel good about yourself. Just be you - you are amazing so choose wisely!

Remember this: "All that glitters is not gold."


My Beauty Squad

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