Do you moisturise?

August 6, 2017

Your mother does, your grandma as well and even Cleopatra couldn't resist a good face mask. If you like beauty and loves to take care of your skin (who doesn't?) why not create the simple habit of moisturising? Do you know how to choose the correct moisturiser for your skin? If not, have a look below and let's discover the not so simple #skingoals ideas:


Are you doing it correctly?

I've seen so many people choosing their moisturisers by simply getting a product from the shelf. Do you know your skin type? Is the cream going to cause a break out or allergies? Do the test: Wash your face with cold water, dry it with a cloth (not a towel) and leave it without anything for an hour. Observe the results, is your skin looking oily? Is it dry?  If it's oily in certain areas but dry in other it means your skin is mixed. If it's neither of the above your skin is normal.


We used & approved:

For Dry skin: Balance me radiance oil - As the trend for face oils has come to stay this a great option for a deep hydration, especially before bed.

For Oily Skin: Not a bad thing to remind you to avoid any oily products. Choose oil-free product and powder based foundations (Bare Minerals has great ones).

For Normal Skin: You are lucky enough to be able to try several moisturisers, do consider a product that contains SPF protection and of course don't forget to choose a cream that won't affect your skin's appearance (some might make you look oily or other even dry out your complexion) 



Bonus tip: 


You have probably scrubbed your skin before but have you ever tried a deep scrub? I recently discovered an Arabian Hamman treatment and it deeply removes layers of dead skin that you didn't even know you had. Don't believe me? Try it yourself and let me know in the comments below!


Hammans in London


The Bentley hotel:

Dolphin Square:

Harrods Hamman:



That's all ladies

Stay fabulous!

My Beauty Squad




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