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July 11, 2017

It isn't new news to know that when we come back from holiday our skin looks as dry as the Sahara. Normally this is because we are too busy either drinking, partying, enjoying the sun and cannot be really bothered about a skin hydrating routine other than applying sunblock (when we remember!). It's all cool when you are young but do you really know the effects that this will cause on your skin when you grow old? Have a look below:


This study made by shows the damage the sun can cause but which is unseen to the naked eye. You can clearly see how the UV rays penetrate the skin which later in life can cause serious problems such as early ageing or even skin cancer. 



Don't freak out  just yet!


We are here to share great tips with you, starting with a checklist of body parts you should protect that you probably didn't even know:

- Palms and the soles of the feet

- Ears

- Eyes

- Lips

- Hair 

- Feet

And of course all the other usual areas that are commonly expected. 


Which SPF?


                                 Credit: Hawaiian



Don't forget to re-apply the suncream after you dip into the water and if possible go to the shower to wash off the sea salt if your skin is likely to be dry. It is also really important to apply a good amount of moisturiser at the end of the day and the best advice: keep sipping on a big glass of... cold water - sorry I know you were hoping we would say Sangria! 


Remember: Beauty is about loving ourselves in every aspect. If you take small steps towards better self care you will not only have great skin but you will also avoid serious damage that can impact your health in the future! Happy tanning.



That's all ladies! XoXo

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