How to feel happy everyday!

April 28, 2017



Errr you might be asking yourself, Is that actually possible? 


Yes - if you make a commitment 

No - if you don't believe it's possible in first place


But how do you actually feel happy everyday? 

First, you have to put up a fight to the world we live in. The morning news telling us the daily disasters won't help to start your day with a dose of positivity. Avoid the news or newspapers with gossip that won't add anything to your life, and instead read a funny book, play a brain improvement game or listen to a cool podcast.  


Secondly we need to put up a fight against negative people. I've said in previous posts that negative people can have a terrible influence on your mood, luck, nails, hair, LIFE! I mean it! Read our post about how to build an inner shield and go for it. 


Thirdly we need to fight with ourselves. It's really easy to feel stressed because something didn't work out, sad because of bad news but when these thoughts come into your head put them in perspective: can you breath, walk and talk? Aren't you alive? Millions of people would choose to have your life if they could, so exercise gratitude and soon you will feel good again. A great tip is: look at your Instagram feed and all the things you've been through and the happy memories.  If you don't have social media why not call an old friend and remember funny stories? If you don't have friends why not go out and be determined to make new ones, try to join a meet up group or a reading club.



Of course happiness is a choice, and not an easy one but with the right support system and effort it can be done. It's not only going to make your life better but attract good things and like minded people your way. So put your favourite jam on and dance like nobody is watching! 



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