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How to grow natural nails

People often ask me how to achieve long, strong looking nails. I have always grown my nails naturally but it takes some effort to keep them growing without any chips and without getting into that break-grow cycle. Here are my top tips to let your nails grow & glow:

1) Nutrition:

Your diet will definitely have an impact, not only on your nails but your hair and skin. Use & abuse protein found in lean meats, eggs, spinach and snack on sunflower seeds.

2) Keep your cuticles hydrated:

Cold weather, washing your hands, antibacterial gels and all of those external elements impact directly to your cuticles health. Keep them hydrated during the day by applying an oil or cream three times a day. I highly recommend Avoplex from OPI, it smells gorgeous and you will see the difference really quickly.

3) Stay away from cheap gel manicure salons.

Over nail filing, used materials and too many chemicals can damage your nails or at worst, even your health.

Overly harsh machines used for gel removals can weaken and thin your nails. They can even cause them to lose growth or strength. Stay away from acrylic nails and other fake garments that stop your nails from "breathing" freely.

Take it Step By Step:

1) Ask your doctor about diet supplements like Biotin or others that will improve your vitamin intake.

2) Try and stay at least 48 hours a week with no nail polish.

3) Drink plenty of water.

4) Moisturise your nails and hands.

5) Always replace your nail file for a clean & bacteria free one.

6) ..... Feel Fab!

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