Eyeliners: the truth!

January 28, 2017

I had to add some drama to the title but nothing more dramatic then the moment you have your beautiful eye shadows done and you have to apply an eyeliner to create the perfect cat eye. Don't shake your hand, move smoothly, don't breathe but alternatively call a pro makeup artist to spare you from the terror. (I could be writing a south american soap opera right now). The truth is, you not only depend on your skill but also on the kind of product that you are using and to make sure you do not waste your money, we have tested the main types of eyeliners below:




Pencil Liners:


So far the most helpful ones in my opinion. Great to create a firm line and give extra precision especially for beginners. I totally recommend this great one from Bobbi Brown as it's really black and it lasts the whole night. 








 Liquid liners:


Its much easier to screw up with liquid liners, BUT it gives you a gorgeous finish if you are patient enough to use it. A great way to try it out is to create your line with a black eye pencil and then go over it with the liquid liner. Practice more before trying it as I would not recommend this for beginners. 












Push up liners:


Created by Benefit cosmetics a while ago, I have to say this is the worst buy I've ever done. Not only difficult to create a perfect line, it waste loads of product. You can try and dip it into a pot of gel liner and make use of the pen's shape but overall this does not work.









 Gel liners:


Those are great. It creates a beautiful & very black line when you use the correct brush (I recommend the Lancome tilted brush). Don't spend loads of money on it, as having experienced expensive ones and pharmacy brands, they both work the same. Quantity is the key, don't be to heavy handed on the brush and apply it little by little. 



That's all ladies, stay fabulous and enjoy some pampering time at www.mybeautysquad.com







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