How to disconnect from your phone

January 23, 2017


In a world where everyone is online, it’s becoming harder and harder to spend at least 1 hour without looking at social media. It’s great to stay in touch and know about everybody’s business but do you know the right time to disconnect? Are you able to go straight to bed without spending hours looking at your phone? If the answer is “NO”, take a look below and start taking the first steps towards a much more zen lifestyle! (Your brain will say thanks!)


Dinner table: nothing more inelegant than using your phone while having dinner with others.  If you do have to answer a call ok but if is just to check someone’s latest post it doesn’t make any sense. So often people waste valuable time with friends & family because they would rather be on Facebook.  Try and exercise enjoying the moment and if you do feel the need to check your phone ask yourself if it's really necessary: “Do I need it because I need to answer an email from my boss” or “because I want to check which fruit I am most like?”


In bed: I know a very successful woman that runs several businesses and her main rule is: “no technology after 10pm.” Phones and computers are out of her bedroom after that time.  You not only increase your radiation exposure but you also stop your brain from being able to relax. Try to read a book instead or reserve this time to chat with your partner.


Turn notifications off: How would you be able to avoid someone if they kept calling you?  Same with your phone, sometimes even when we are trying to ignore it or concentrate on something else, the bloody light blinking on the screen distracts us. If you are studying or just trying to disconnect, go ahead and get rid of the notifications.


But, is it really that bad? Well no, but again everything in life should be done in moderation. Don’t lose that special moment, a laugh with friends or a good night of sleep because you need to see what “Janet’s new hair cut looks like”. You can always check it out later and believe me,  you will feel much better by simply enjoying the moment! Have a lovely week!



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